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" I made a service appointment over the phone four days in advance for throttle control (wrench light came on), and for a Customer Satisfaction Program #14M03. I arrived at the dealership about an hour early and talked with another service representative who helped correct the work order that was previously written up. I mentioned that the car never did stall. I could only get 20 mph out of it to limp home, and that the rear lights were not out, but did not illuminate the same. Both were taken care of under Ford Programs. The third item discussed was whether or not to change the transmission fluid at 84,ooo miles or hold off until the 100,000 fluid specks time to change. After much discussion about fluid color, the difference between todays fluids and fluids of the past, I opted to change the fluid at this time. All was completed in the day and I was very pleased with ALL the employees I came in contact with. I had an overall great experience at this dealership with this service appointment. Satisfied Customer"
"Bill and Doug were very helpful, I had a great experience dealing with the dealership. I had a few questions and concerns throughout the deal and Bill was able to answer my questions or get an answer for everything in a timely manner. Very Professional, but not stuffy and at no time did I feel pressured to buy."