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"I bought a car in April from Sheehy in Ashland, car was totaled in June. Wanted to purchase the same car and found it at Sheehy in Richmond. Mike Carson and Patrick McDowell were great in making the process very easy. They got the car and the price right where it needed to be. Everything I asked for Mike was able to do from detailing to getting out any small blemishes I may have seen. I enjoyed not feeling pressured and having all my questions answered and being able to contact them directly on their cell phones if necessary. THANKS MIKE, PATRICK AND SHEEHY!!!!!"
"Jake was SO helpful when trying to find a new car, & in my price range. Most dealers are helpful.. but he is also HONEST! That can be hard to find when trying to trust someone to guide you toward something, wondering if they really have your best interest in mind, and he does! I am overjoyed with my purchase, and I would recommend anybody to sit down and work with Jake when trying to find a new ride. Not only that, I was impressed with his patience while I was trying to decide what I wanted to do. He helped weigh pros and cons, and was very accommodating to any concerns I had! Everyone at the dealership had a friendly attitude, and long story short, Jake and that company deserves every star! "