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"I had a terrible experience with Green Ford. I bought a 06 Mercury Montego with only 56,000 miles on it, for a fair price. I took my car in for its 3month checkup although i had only put 2000 miles on it at this point. Their own techs was disturbed with the condition of my car and recommended I talked to my sales person to have the issues resolved. When I called, express my issues they were not help. She kept stressing it's a used car which I understand but how does a car with horrible brake issues pass a inspection? I'm very mindful of the inspection cars go through before they are sold. I really feel like they looked pass multiple issues and write down false details on my report. My brakes were fun terrible condition!!! Although there are multiple issues with my car all I wanted was my brake job covered, being that brakes are a very important safety protocol. I don't mind paying for the other issues as they will be more costly. I do understand my car is a used vechicle and I will have to come out of pocket. I also understand that I am driving a vechicle that represents their company and to sell it to me with a major brake issue is unexpectable. I wanted to trust green ford but I lost my trust in them. I will not recommend them to anyone. "
3 days ago
"I purchased a used car from Capitol Chevrolet. My salesman Derrick was determined to help me find the car that fit by budget and needs. "