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Milan Owner
"I was dreading the car buying experience until I got to Walker Ford. Irene showed me 3 cars and I test drove 1 but wanted to look elsewhere to be sure I was making the right choice. There was no pressure or feeling like I had wasted her time. She gave me her card and told me to call when I was ready. I visited 2 more dealers that day and knew I was going back to Walker. I called Irene who handled everything. I completed a credit app over the phone and Harry called immediately to tell me the next steps. 3 days later I was driving my new (used) car off the lot. I felt very confident in my decision and Irene assured me if I had any problems Walker was there to make me happy. So far I am."
2 days ago
"When my primary car finally "passed on" I found myself in the normally horrifying possition of having to visit a used car dealership. I put off looking for a replacement car for almost two months by sharing my wifes car, a practice I do not reccomend. When I could no longer endure the sharing game I needed to accept that I would have to buy a used car. I'm not a research guy and even less a haggle guy making the process that much more terrifying. Frontline Auto Sales was recomended, they were local and I went. They had a large selection of clean pre-owned cars in a wide price range. I was pleasantly surprized that I was not immediatly approached by an overly aggressive sales person. As a matter of fact it wasn't until my second visit that I met Tony, one of the salesman. Very pleasant and laid back, Tony was fine with me browsing for almost an hour before I left with a few cars in mind to consider. I made up my mind and called Tony on his cell to put a deposit on the car I choose. We discussed all of the details of the deal which were very straight forward and agreed on a delivery time and date. When a change in my schedule made it necessary to put off delivery Tony was very accomodating. Upon delivery the car was ready to go, perfectly cleaned, inspected and plates on. A quick exchange of money and paperwork and I was on my way. The entire buying experience was pleasant from start to finish. It has changed my view of buying a used car and I would reccomend Frontline and Tony to my best friend and not think twice about purchasing my next pre-owned car from them. Good job Tony!!!"