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"Service was great as usual. Never any problems with anyone there. Fast, high quality service. Always recommend Pacifico for sales and service. They treat you like family."
"Scott is a fantastic salesman. Not only did he work with me on a new vehicle he also went out of his way to help my girlfriend work with the used lot to make sure we would leave with exactly what she wanted at a price she wanted. He really went above and beyond. However when we finally settled on a vehicle she was happy with, signed all of the paperwork, had cash on hand and had an appointment to pick the vehicle up, it got sold out from under us. I understand that those things happen but it was handled terribly. They knew a day before our appointment that the vehicle had been sold and didn't bother to contact us. Then when we picked out a different vehicle to now finance, the salesmen and his manager both came out with a ridiculous number and were not very happy to work with us, even though we had already been jipped on the other vehicle. We got fed up and my girlfriend walked out with no vehicle. I recommend Scott in the jeep dealership, he's very helpful and sincerely wants his customers to leave happy, but i do not recommend the used dealership at all. They have lost 4 sales thanks to this incident and we will not be back. "