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"Didn't want a new car, but my old car was having problems. I spoke with Tommy Shelly and he found me an awesome used car in my price range. He did a great job making me feel better about getting another car and the payment was cheaper than the old car. Thanks so much Shelly. See you in a couple months to get another one."
5 days ago
"My message center was showing check charging system, afraid while driving my car was going to quit on me I took it to Ashley Ford, thinking I needed a battery, which I could barely afford, the technican Steve told me it was the altenator, I then became overwhelmed at the cost to repair, Steve went above and beyond to help me to fix my problem. The alternator was replaced, they even washed my car and the whole experience ended up being absolutely wonderful thanks to Steve, the mechanics and the feel at ease experience that everything would be all right and they would do all possible to help me fix my problem. I would recommend them to anyone. "