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"Across the board, the team at Beyer Kia is just really, really good. We have a late model Volvo we've been getting serviced there and had a Sedona serviced there, although it was purchased from a different dealer before Beyer got in to the Kia business. This was our first purchasing experience with Beyer, and it was great. Omar was great on the sales end, Bobby stepped in for the financing piece and Basir packaged everything up nicely at the end. As Falls Church City residents, we've worn the Beyer Memorial Day t-shirts for years; we're happy now to be driving a car that came off their lot. "
"Tom Coward and the other employees are always usurious and helpful. They clearly explain any problems with my vehicle and service, even non-rutine, is always hassle free. I rely on a loner car when mine is in for maintenance. This is a vital and valued service. "