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"I can not say enough positive things about the team at HC Volvo. From the initial phone calls from Amanda scheduling and reconfirming my appointment to the way the care was beautifully detailed with a full tank of gas at pick up, it was a positive experience. I was not an ideal customer when I walked in because I was upside down in my car. The exciting news was that I left the proud new lessee of a 2015 XC60. Joe Kane, Graham Lower and David Molnar played important roles in my decision, but David Molnar is the reason why I decided to lease with HC Volvo. He was a true consultant to me during the whole sales/financing process and did not apply sales pressure while explaining the different options available to me. I believed that his recommendations were with my best interest at heart. Thank you for all you did to make me a happy customer! HC Volvo definitely has a customer for life."
"I always dread when it is time to purchase a new car; and so, I typically hold on to vehicles for a long time. I dragged myself to Darcars to look at the new Volvos. And much to my surprise, the experience was painless - - actually quite nice. I bought a 2015 Volvo S60 (which I love) and did it quickly. Mr. Arman worked with me on the price and got me into the car of my dreams -- for a price I could afford. And, he did it in record time. I did not spend my entire day at the dealership. THANK YOU!"