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Michael Gross
"Great dealership with remarkably knowledgeable, helpful, and honorable people. I shook hands with Eddie (general manager) and Greg (sales representative) on a lease deal. It turned out we all had made a mistake about the availability of a Volvo promotion, making my lease costly for the dealership. There was no lease yet and no legal obligation for the Dean Team to honor the deal, and I would have had nothing to complain about if they had pulled out. As best I can tell the Dean Team never even considered that. They had to make a swap with a dealer in Texas to get a car with all of the options and packages we had agreed on, right down to exterior and interior color. The car came in this weekend--with a wheel upgrade that wasn't even part of our deal. Dean Team is sending it out for window tinting Monday and detailing Tuesday, then delivering Wednesday. I have had great experiences with the Dean Team on two transactions at their Volkswagen store in the past. All car dealerships should be like this one."
"I am so pleased with the Service Dept at Kundert Volvo of Englewood. And believe me, I know, because I had terrible service at the prior dealership I went to. Everyone is friendly, they call when they say they will call, they care about their service rating, which translates to great service so they can get that rating."