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Sam L from South Lyon
"My wife Kristen and I recently leased a new XC90 vehichle at your dealership and had the pleasure to work with Jhin Hur.  We test drove five different vehicles (four from competitor companies) before choosing the XC90. I am writing you to let you know that Kristen and I were very impressed with Jhin's sales style, knowledge/expertise, and effort throughout our car buying experience.   Jhin's sales style was perfect- he was friendly and not pushy.  He seemed genuinely interested in helping us find us the right vehicle and quickly asked pertinent questions to understand what we were looking for. When asked about strengths and weaknesses of different vehicles, he was open and honest.  We told him we were interested in test driving other competitor vehicles and he was in support of that (which was refreshing to see as he wanted to make sure we were making the right decision).   Jhin's knowledge/expertise when it came to the XC90 was impressive.  He answered all our questions and had great knowledge on all of the XC90s features and how to use/activate them in the vehicle.  He did a good job following up in emails (preferred communication route) that were both detailed and concise when additional questions were asked after our initial visit.   Jhin's effort was also commendable.  Once the purchase was made and we were pressed for time as my wife had to work in the late afternoon, Jhin took the initiative without being asked to transfer our baby car seat and license plate while we were finishing up paperwork.  He then personally drove to our house later that evening to pick up the title we had forgotten to bring and further explain how to use and integrate some of the features on the vehicle (he set up our garage door openers through the vehicle, set up an app on our phone to access the vehicle, etc.). In conclusion, we want to thank you and your team for a terrific car leasing experience and believe Jhin Hur is a true asset to your company. "
"I have been a customer of Stallman Volvo for a long time- this is my third Volvo from them. Their service is exemplary! This is my forth Volvo, and everyone from the service to the sales department is so friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I wouldn't buy a car from anyone else."