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3 days ago
"This review actually covers the purchase and repair of a 2015 Fiat from Armory. I've tagged all the people below who facilitated the sale and subsequent repairs, making both experiences extremely easy and pleasant."
Chris G
3 days ago
"My wife broke the armrest on her 2015 500 while getting out of the vehicle. She called Fred her service adviser and he told her she would need to pay to have it fixed. This is a vehicle(21K miles) still covered under the initial warranty and it has an extended warranty and a service contract. He then proceeded to tell her that he doesn't even use the armrest in his vehicle. I then got involved called Fred and told him under no circumstances would we be paying to have the armrest fixed. Fred's response, "don't threaten me." There was never any threat only an expectation that Fred and Scottsdale Fiat would back their product. We've already scheduled the covered warranty work with Tempe Fiat. We won't be coming back! Too bad as we were looking to upgrade to the XL later this year."