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"Be diligent with respect to servicing any vehicle not a “Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge” even if you purchased that vehicle from this dealership. I live in Carmichaels, and purchased a used vehicle (around $8,200 out the door) from Solomon on 10/21/2017 (less than 60 days ago); used 2008 Volvo S40 with 83k miles on it (not expecting the world out of it, just a daily driver to get me back and forth to work). Yesterday 12/13/17 the Check Engine light illuminated – and based on how recently I purchased the car I took it down to Solomon Auto for diagnostic, with the hope that it was not something too serious as I hadn’t had the car for 2 months yet (had driven 2k miles). On 12/14/17 I received a call that the “Check Engine” light illuminated due to the “Intake Solenoid” – which Solomon Auto indicated that the repair would be between $700-800. I went to Bill Gray Volvo in McMurray (Authorized Volvo dealer) to ask about the solenoid. I was told by the mechanics that Check Engine warnings for solenoid are often the cause of low oil, and I should check the oil before such a costly service. I then Googled “Volvo Intake Solenoid” to see if there were any results for my issue. The 2nd Google result from the website obd-codes.com defined my issue, and listed “Potential causes of diagnostic trouble code may include: low engine oil level” With this information about the oil, I went back to Solomon Auto to inquire as to whether the engine oil was checked – it was not! I was told that since Solomon Auto is a Chrysler dealer, and vehicle is Volvo, they read the code on the diagnostic machine and recommend replacing the parts/system – without looking up any alternative causes or doing any troubleshooting. Subsequent to checking the oil, the car was approximately 1-2 quart low on oil, and an oil change was completed and the light turned off (I drove 50 miles tonight to test drive and it has not turned back on). I recognize that Solomon Auto’s name indicates “Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge” but since I purchased the vehicle from them less than 60 days before, and there is no disclaimer or warning regarding bringing other brand vehicles to the service department – I was shocked that simply “reading the code” and providing me the option of a $700-800 repair was the only solution presented to me. While the service department was willing to work with me in order to follow my “Google Repair Insight” and advice I had independently gleaned from an authorized Volvo dealer – it left me disappointed that the only option presented to me was a significant repair close to $1,000 when it appears all the car needed was a quart of oil (or a $30 oil change). I brought this issue to the attention of the salesman who sold me the vehicle, who then spoke to the General Manager, and I was not charged for the “diagnostic” but simply the $38.90 for the oil change. I recognize that the service department cannot be tasked with knowing every code of every vehicle – but based on the fact I had just purchased the vehicle from Solomon less than 2 months ago, the fact that I live in Carmichaels where the dealership is located, and the fact that the potential repair of $700-800 was a very significant and costly choice – I did expect the service department to attempt to troubleshoot or evaluate potential alternatives, whether that meant calling a Volvo mechanic or looking at the first page of Google to see if there was anything else that could be done. Very disappointed both by the service department’s diagnostic, as well as the lack of service recovery from the General Manager (again, not expecting the world – but a free $30 oil change would have went a long way for my time and efforts in going to a Volvo dealership and diagnosing the issue myself). I will not return to Solomon Auto for any of my automotive needs "
"Exceptional service everytime!! The staff is accommodating,friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Mitchell Volvo’s service department!! They always make sure to take the time to go over my vehicle with me and explain the work that has been done and answer any questions I may have before leaving. "