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"Drove 1.5hr and had a great experience from the time I got there to the time we left. Will definitely consider making the drive again on my next purchase. Thanks guys"
Unhappy car shopper
"Wow. Last night I experienced, I have to say, the most aggegious business dealing of my life. After hours with Toney in sales (who was super I might add) and a quick agreement to buy a used highlander for cash at the offered sticker price, we sat down and spent over an hour filling out excessive paperwork needed for "security reasons - even when buying for cash." Toney had the key, (ever since the test drive) and the paperwork was complete - we were THEN told that the car was sold - right out from under us - by another salesperson sitting in the same room. How does this happen? Well it shouldn't. We had the only key while filling out the paperwork and Koons had lots of folks putting sales information on whiteboards that should keep salespeople apprised of status. My son had happily texted pictures of the car to his friends. The manager basically said that they sell so many cars "it happens." The manager said he would like to sell us another car (they knew we had looked at a higher priced model but it was above our budgeted price). We offered to let them make the situation right with a very reasonable but over our budget offer on the higher priced car. The""manager then started haggling over $500. Their reputation and our business was on the line (we were former customers) and they were countering over $500? This was wrong in so many ways. It is all about volume sales for this dealership - NOT the customer ."