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"Today was my lucky day! Was lookin to buy a car and just so happen to pass by and see a sign that sparked my interest... look u guys up online filled out an application and i was approved!! Took me no time at all it was totally awsome !! I told my friend and hes goin to get a car too !!! "
"I was so please with the inventory, the car I left with on the same day was just like new. Their team of employees are very helpful and knowledgeable. I worked with Calvin who even after I left called me later to insure I knew everything I needed to know about my new vehicle down the the type of gas I should be using and if I was happy with my purchase. (Thank goodness because I was actually using the wrong gas) As soon as I'm ready for my next car I already know where I'll be going and that's right back to the northeast car connection. I highly recommend this dealership! "