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Kade M
"Bought a used Audi from Ultimo Motorsports not too long ago from Al Kaleel. Great guy who smiled, showed concern for me, even ranted and raved about his kids the entire time. It was great purchase experience.  But that all changed once Al got my money. I had a few minor problems with the car about a week after my purchase (service lights and some brake issues), but Al just stopped returning or even responding to any of my calls or emails.  I don't live far away, so once I realized Al was avoiding me, I decided to take another trip to the store. During this visit I saw the Manager Scott who did my contract, he’s a petite man who this time was sitting in the manager’s offices puffing away on one of those electronic cigarettes while watching numerous monitors of the dealership.    I was immediately told I signed an "As Is" waiver so they weren't going to help me.  I became upset because this was the same manager who told me if I have any issues right after my purchase let them know and ASAP they'll help me. Well, the conversation got a little heated and the when this manager leaned back in his chair I noticed an open bag behind him with a handgun laying there.  Now I'm a firearm enthusiast myself and can understand worried about personal safety, but why would firearms be needed INSIDE the dealership? I would be terminated immediately if I ever brought a gun into my job. I decided to suck up my pride, end the conversation and just leave. Since then I've been online and found: 1) Most of these wonderful reviews and great testimonials they've posted on their Ultimo Motorsports website seem to be mostly for an entirely different location. 2) It seems the majority of sales aren’t local so they don’t have to worry about taking care of customers, and the WORST OF ALL: 3) The salesman Ultimo Motors employs Al Kaleel, was arrested for stealing money from customer accounts, charged with FORGERY and IDENTITY THEFT while an employee of First Merit Bank (you can find the articles and mugshots online just like I did) My first thoughts were what kind of company posts Fake reviews...  Has Armed and Felon employees? But then I realized the question that will forever haunt me is WHAT COMPANY EMPLOYS MEN LIKE THIS AND ALLOWS THEM TO COLLECT MY PERSONAL INFORMATION??? Well, along with the "AS Is" form that sleazy manager mislead me on, it ends up he slipped in an "Arbitration Agreement" too so if a manager with the Napoleon complex goes on a shooting rampage or any of their employees steals my identity - Ultimo Motorsports can't be sued. I know these companies pay services to clean up online reviews so most people will probably never see this and can imagine Ultimo Motorsports will be upset over my review, but true statements are neither slander or defamation. They have employees who carry guns and have been charged with identity theft. Period. When a dealership has people like this with a surveillance system that would make the NSA jealous it makes you wonder what’s really happening behind that beautiful showroom?"
"I've had my Audi Q5 for 5 years and brought it in for the recalls and recalibration of my back up camera. Paul Hoffman helped me and was so friendly right from the start that even the torrential downpour and gray skies didn't seem so bad. The potential for an expensive repair on the recalibration was a bit mind boggling but right from the start - Paul said he would work with me. I was supposed to get a loaner car but the one they had for me wasn't an SUV and I really needed one. Paul and Tyrell did their best to accommodate and instead of rescheduling or me waiting, which I was ready to do, they arranged for a lift home and back. Paul called with the good news that my "Recalibration" issue wasn't an issue at all and I had somehow changed the settings. I didn't even know I had settings for the back up camera. When I picked up the car Paul went through a whole new tutorial and I felt like I was getting a new car! Paul is really delightful and knows what he's doing. I didn't leave there feeling snowed or pressured."