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"I spent a lot of time searching for cars online and found what ended up being my car (2011 Audi S4) on a couple of websites. Every website I found the car on gave Benz and Beemer high reviews across the board. I took the trip up to Phoenix to see my car and found out that all the reviews were telling the truth. There's nothing bad you can say about anything associated with Benz and Beemer. They have a huge selection of luxury vehicles and clean and well-kept facilities to match. The sales staff all were nice and my salesman, Travis, talked with me and spent all the time I needed to test drive and work out the details of buying the vehicle. I felt taken care of every step of the way. Overall it is at the top of my car shopping experience. I recommend Benz and Beemer to anybody who is who looking for a nice luxury car with a good deal. "
"The car was washed but they missed cleaning both of the exterior mirrors. I went in for an oil change but they recommended the 45k mileage service maintenance. I had 38k on my car. If would have known that ahead of time I could have asked for a loaner vehicle and not have used vaca time from work for my appt. He went over very quickly what was going to be performed for the 45k service. My boyfriend asked me what that included and I had no idea. It would be helpful if the bill showed what services were performed He said the brakes were fine but I didn't see anything marked on the paper showing the wear of the brakes. It didn't seem like my wheel lock kit in my glove compartment was moved. Sal is wonderful. I'm just nitpicking. "