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"I want to Warn everybody to Never buy a car from 1 and 2 auto. The manager need to learn how to be more professional and run the business right. First of all, they sold me a car that was hit in the front and the frame was bend. Never did they once tell me that information. And that's against the law u must disclose that info when selling a car to someone.The car is not safe to drive and I be weaving front side to side. The managers ignore my calls but they just don't no I will shut there asses down. I put 3000 down and traded my vehicle for this piece of junk car that I have now. To be continued work is in process... poor customer service;poor quality; Junk cars..."
Caring Customer
"Free $500 gift card is a scam. It's worthless. Lease price was fair. We signed a lease, which entitled us to a $500 gift card, as advertised. The whole experience was pretty good until I wasted time trying to redeem the worthless gift card. What made it worse was that John, the sales manager, was defensive and tried to defend the card. I took the time to call and speak with John and tell him about our experience. I was extremely cordial. I told him the good and bad and my recommendation to stop using the worthless and unethical gift card as an advertisement technique. I own 4 businesses and have been in sales my entire life. I thought my recommendation would have been appreciated, but John seemed to care little for my free knowledge. He continued to defend the garbage gift card company and the dealership's extremely unethical and misleading sales technique. I was hoping that John would seriously consider my concerns and at least represent that he may consider changes, as to not mislead other customers. Instead of saving face, John ended up leaving a bitter taste in my mouth after the call. I was pretty content before the call, even considering the worthless gift card. After the call, I was left displeased and in awe of his arrogance. I will now reconsider future dealings with and recommendations for this dealership. I have a large network of friends and associates. When I'm happy with a dealership, I bring them a lot of business. The sales manager just cost the dealership a lot of money by disregarding my input. I was happy to recommend them before I spoke with him, based on price. Now, I'm unlikely to recommend them, based on bad ethics and a poor experience with the sales manager, John. I think that good ethics and trustworthiness outweigh price, overall. I'm sure I can find a good price somewhere else. The owners and management of this dealership should seriously reconsider some of their advertising and sales techniques. P.S. A free 19" television was guaranteed to be present in the vehicle when the vehicle was delivered. This turned out to be another misleading sales technique, as upon delivery, the TV wasn't there. I was assured that we will receive one in a week or 2, when they get in the new shipment, as they ran out. I was told that they would ship it to us. We will have to wait and see what happens. I sure hope they don't expect us to drive 35 miles each way to pick up a TV that is already supposed to be in our hands. It wouldn't be worth our time and mileage. I put a lot of thought and considerable time into this review. I hope that it helps customers, as well as the ownership and management of the dealership. I always wish the best for local businesses. I hope they consider my experience and opinion and that they make some positive changes."