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"The people I dealt with were very friendly, Actually I went in for an oil change came out owning 2017 Grand Caravan. Went to Elmwood Dodge and got (MIRANDAized)."
" At first I was a little upset because the Black Dodge Challenger decal #176602 that I wanted was supposedly sold to another customer By some other sales rep, but the fact that the sales rep pointed me out (which was very unprofessional) and told her client that I wanted The car they were looking at infuriated me because I was mocked and laughed at by those clients as a sign that I was not going to get it. Which overall made my experience towards the dealership not to well. shortly after, the woman that greeted me at first said not worry that Jose would have a solution , thankfully Jose (my sales rep) calmed me down and had me look at the brighter things to the situation and I couldn't thank him anymore for it. Without a doubt he does deserve my good ratings because he is a fantastic rep and got the job done, I can't say the same for the other one that pointed fingers and made my experience not to well."