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Nury (Miami) FL
"David Lourenco Galvao excellent salesman Great experience, and an excellent customer service! He was friendly and helped us through the process from the beginning to the end. I would recommend this dealership to any of my friends! We are happy with our new car! Thank you so much for helping us choosing our car! Thanks!"
"Me and my son were out shopping around for his first car, we passed so many cars on the side of the road with sky high prices and no warranty. I looked at the expression on his face. I told him about Brookfield. I chose Brookfield because they care about you. I bought my car a few years ago and had a good experience. Someone is always there to greet you. Sally Sexton was so wonderful, she took time out to explain things. If she had to leave her desk she would apologize for the wait and come to check on us. She walked with us and broke things down so we could understand. I wanted my son to have something dependable to drive not just for work but when he leave for college. She was so caring, she asked him questions of what he wanted. Our biggest concern was leg room because he is 6'3. Before test driving She asked him what did he think about the space.. She found something in his price range and leg room, he was so excited!. I just want to thank Sally from the bottom of my heart She is not only a great sales person but a wonderful lady with a good heart. Thanks for making my son smile. Sonya"