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"I drove there because of what I was told by salesman. I was willing cause was looking for certain van. The one I was told matched was not there but at another dealer. I took the sales persons word it had what I wanted. They were good at working with my monthly payment by extending the length of time for paying. I signed papers because of what I was told and left. Got call when van arrived only to find out the van did not have what I was expecting. To make a long story short, two people did not back their word and I was forced to take the van. I emails Bill Hayes will my issue and sent copy of emails to him. I also posted on their face book page. I have to say they made it right, even though it cost a few dollars more a month. I was disappointed the salesman did not show me how to work anything in the van either time and the second time I felt some were not happy with what I did and were not as friendly. Overall I think they are a good dealership and I willing to go forward from here with them. I would recommend them but would also state to make sure everything is good before signing for your vehicle. This was a good lesson learned for both me and I believe them. "
"We had an awesome car buying experience. We did not feel any pressure at all from any of the staff here to purchase a vehicle. They let us look and choose on our own time, which to me is a very big part in the car buying experience. We got a great deal on our charger and walked out very happy customers. Thank you."