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"Great service! The dealership does great service. I get free shuttle service to my home when I have to wait for my car. The service advisers are really friendly. "
"Found a truck on auto trader and called to see if they still had the truck and they told me they did and that they already had many out of state calls on it and that it wouldn't be there long. So I told him I was 2.5 hours away from him and would like to come look at it. But what could he tell me about it because I am very picky about my truck. He said it was a clean truck he looked it over the day before. So I found a ride and when I got there no one was waiting for me but I found the truck and started looking it over. And started finding stuff that didn't look right. It was an 2008 but the frame had more rust on it than normal. Opened the hood and everything under the hood was rusted even the brake lines where rusted this truck looked like it had been in a flood. Then I checked the rocker and cab corners and noticed where someone had touched up a spot on the Drivers side rear door over rust so I opened the door and lifted up the seal and it was completely rusted through. Do that's when I said nope not this one. Then my brother in law wasn't to happy that we drove that far after I told the saleman how picky I am. Then salesman that finally came out smarted off to my brother in law telling him he didn't even know we where coming. So this dealer must not care what they sell! So check them out before buying from them. I feel sorry got whoever gets that truck! "