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"I thought that the sales person should have been flexible on the price of the used car I purchased. I also felt a little taken advantage of with a nonchalant comment by the sales person "it'll cost more than I expected", and him knowing I needed a more dependable vehicle. Other than that my experience meet my expectations."
"I called from 2.5 hours away from the dealership, inquiring about one specific Yukon I spotted online. Dave DeShazo is who answered that call and took care of us from that point forward. Understanding the challenges of long-distance car shopping, Dave took clear detail shots of the vehicle and emailed them to me, had his body shop touch up a scratch he personally spotted and told us about, sent text messages to accommodate our busy schedules, and then when we agreed to all of the specifics, he personally drove 2.5 hours to us to deliver it--on a Sunday! "