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"First time had oil change and tire rotation, I have a 2015 acaida they only put 24lbs of pressure in all tires I noticed all were low and they had to bring it back in to put pressure of 35lbs in all tires. Second time oil change filter and tire rotation they did not rotate tires but said they did, I know that they did'nt rotate them because one of my tires has a blimsh in it that's how i figured it out then had to take it back to have the tires rotated. Talk to Mr. Zuber but all he could talk about was the blimsh on my tire."
Carrie Shehow
"It was an awesome experience. Everything went really smooth. They stayed late for us when we came in to look at a car that I found online. When we went to pick it up they had it all ready and we where out the door quickly."