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"Everyone there was very helpful and friendly. I would recommend then to all my friends and family. I live in Indiana, 1.5 hours away and would drive it again if I have to buy another car."
"I needed to address a serious recall that could cause a fire in/outside the fuel tank due to faulty wiring but after 3 days of calling the direct number for service I always got voice mail! No one in service answers the phone also a secretary always answers the phone during the last call I asked why I always get VM and she said don't you want to leave a message? No I have a serious issue that needs attention ASAP I gave up and called Anderson and another dealer in GA both were very helpful and said they could get the service kit in 3 business days on the first call! I would not recommend this dealership unless you want to visit in person and I have ltitle faith they will do the work promptly if service is unreachable via phone! I will be going to Anderson were they answered my concerns on the first call a nd I could call to check on the status of the repair without talking to a machine and hope to get a prompt reply this is no way to run a dealership! "