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"Please share your experience. My husband and I visited multiple dealerships with all intent of purchasing /leasing our new vehicle. We had extremely bad luck with the Sale Associates, in most cases they were very uneducated and uncertain as to what they were selling, very pushy and trying to sell us on a vehicle that we made clear we had no interest in. On Saturday we had several appointments and there was not 1 we were really excited about, every car was missing something very important to us. We disregarded all appointments and I continued to search online for hours, looking for that perfect car. I ran across Simpson GMC, checked the inventory and was so excited by what they actually had on the lot. Being irritated and at this point confused, I called Simpson GMC and was immediately connected to our Sales Associate, Stephen Cwynar. I explained our situation to him and told him exactly what we were looking for. Stephen was more than willing to help and assured me he'd check inventory and have quotes to me within 5 minutes after hanging up. Low and behold, the quote we were looking for was delivered in the time frame as stated and more than anything the car was an exact match to our requirements. Stephen communicated well through e-mail and spent apprx. 45 minutes on the phone with us discussing our options, pricing, financing, purchase vs leasing, etc. Thinking in the back of our minds it was too good to be true, we got in the car and drove North 45 minutes. Upon arrival at the dealership, the car was washed and waiting out front for us, Stephen so kindly met us at the door, took us to see the car and for a test drive. He was so thorough with everything, showing us how it all worked, what it was, etc. He definitely knew what he was selling and it was such a comforting feeling! We sat down went over everything we had already discussed but it was in front of us, every little detail, nothing was missed. Stephen and his Associates were all great, it was a pleasure working with all of them. A few days later, Stephen sent a follow up, checking in to see what we thought, if we had any questions and letting us know we are more than welcome to contact him for anything, it was very comforting. we look forward to referring the dealership at any chance we get. We loved the experience and we love our new car. Can't thank them enough!"
Mario garay
"The people were very helpful and patient, it was a good experience it made looking for a car much easier with their attitudes and the prices are reasonable "