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"For some timed now, I have admired the work and attention to detail provided by Weston Garcia who is a key part of my success as a retired person serving as a consultant in medicine up in Walnut Creek, CA. It means that my travel from SNA up to Oakland International is smooth and as trouble free as possible and that adds up to extra income of up to $10K/month above my pensions. SS and investments income. Weston is friendly, prompt, smiling, hedlpzs worth appointments fore my car's service, etc. It's time to look at Weston and determine that he needs too be promoted art the dealership. He's got the attitude, skills and will to service write, which is a natural progression in his work. No doubt there are other clients who feel the same, so reach out to him if you care about enhancing the Newport Lexus experience!!!"
"Brad helped me buy a pre-owned RX 350. He was friendly & knowledgeable. Brad was efficient but at the same time low pressure. We have bought 4 cars from Lexus Carlsbad & this was another wonderful experience! "