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Lexus Buyer
"I have dealt with this dealership on two occasions: once, to have my GX 470470 repaired and again to purchase a new RX 350. With respect to the GX 470 I had a problem with warning lights and took my car to have it serviced. When I picked the car up, the warning lights were indeed cleared, but came on again before I even got home that very day. I called to complain that very day and got a smooth runaround. Even though I had paid for the repair, they never offered to make it right and I never got an explanation nor a refund. Even so, my wife wanted an RX 350 and still thinking that we could resolve the problem with the GX, I bought one on the last business day of September, 2015. At the conclusion of the paperwork, Dhahran Satterwhite, their financial services manager, sold me an extended warranty for $2,000, assuring me that the money would be promptly refunded in full if I were to decide against the purchase at any time within the first year. The decision to buy the warranty had to be made on that day, however. The following week, I had the opportunity to research their extended warranty and found it to be of insufficient value, so I requested a refund. A week later, I received paperwork to fill out and return, which I did that very day. I waited for two weeks, and called to inquire about my refund. I was assured that I would receive it by the first or second of November. I called again the first week of November, and was told the check was in the mail. I called again and was told, "Any day now! Your check was processed on October 15th." It is now the last day of November and I have seen no sign of my money. Lexus automobiles are quite fine, and the dealership is quite attractive, but to date the quality of their repair work and their lack of follow through and misguided business practices have left me unimpressed."
Jason Gamio
"I originally stopped by to see if I can fit In Es350 and when I did I spoke with Mike and mentioned I wanted to see if I fit and if so would like to see what can kind of deal he can put together. Before all of that he said let's take it out for a spin then talk numbers. We did that and I fell In love with it he put a great deal together and it was a very smooth process. I've bought other cars in the past and this has been the best experience I had by far. Bottom line..... SEE MIKE he'll take care of you without a doubt. Thanks again Mike, hope to do more business with you in the future!!"