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"I am going to be a Junior in college and I was looking for a car to purchase that would last me a long time. Kirk immediately helped me to find a great looking car that fit my budget. I have never met a more honest and hard-working sales man. He always has a great attitude and put me in a car that I love. I recommend Kirk to anyone buying a car. Amazing experience. They also helped me out in the finance section. They gave me a little extra time to get my money situated and were completely flexible with my doing so. Every time I need to go back in for a service checkup or another reason, the experience is always the same. Great job."
"I was contacted by several dealers in response to my phone call for second chance credit loans. I thought I would go to Jim McKay considering they're closer to home. Iman met me at the front door and took me to his desk although I was told to ask for Ken Richardson. Right away Iman gives me 2 forms to complete then he invited one of his home boys to sit beside him while I am completing the forms.. I hesitated to complete the forms considering I didn't know if they even had any cars that interests me. After his friend got up Iman decides to make a person call to check on some payment of his. Prior to making my appointment I mentioned that I wanted a newer model Infiniti but once we finally got to the car lot it felt as though I was being forced to make a decision with the available cars. I was told that a Lexus RX was a great choice and I literally drove it from the used car parking lot to the main office....that was it test drive over. I could not stand to sit in that show room so I decided to stay outside. Apparently the Lexus was new to the lot although it had dealer stickers but no sales price. I didn't find out the price of the vehicle until after they ran the numbers and called the bank for an approval. Later I was told that I had to put down 2000 to 2500 on the vehicle on top of my trade in. Then I found out that Iman took the liberty of requesting bank financing on a Mini Cooper that I only mentioned to him that I thought was nice....I didn't sit in it or drive it. Does it make sense for me to purchase a new car without at least test driving it and who told him to do that? I told Iman that I could not afford the Lexus and he should call me if he gets a car in my price range. Why did I say that? He called Ken over, now Ken has time to talk to me. After speaking with Ken I wish I had dealt with him from the start because he seem to listen and he shared lots of good information. I didn't feel like I needed to make a hasty decision with Ken and although he knew I was so over trying to get my deal down he thanked me for coming in and said he would let me know if anything comes in with my price range. Needless to say Iman was too busy chatting with someone else to say goodbye, thanks for your time, etc.... I definitely will not refer anyone to this dealership. "