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Rabbi Golub
"If one is looking for a personable, honest, warm and thoroughly competent salesman who can make buying a car a most pleasant, easy and enjoyable experience, one is looking for Art Accurso. Art shatters every stereotype of a pushy, sleazy, slippery, obnoxious car salesman who makes purchasing or leasing a new vehicle one of the most unpleasant experiences imaginable. My wife and I were profoundly impressed with Art in every respect and he worked with us without ever making us the least bit uncomfortable as we worked out the price of a new Lexus. He was also superb in handling all the details involved in our picking up the car and was patient and thorough in making us familiar with some of the hi-tech capabilities of the Lexus. I cannot say enough positive things about the Art Accurso and I hope anyone looking to purchase or lease a new car will stop by Lexus of Greenwich and talk with Art. I was also very impressed with Tim Johnson in Finance, who also was particularly gracious, patient and professional. He made the paperwork effortless and gave very sound advice. Tim complemented Art beautifully to make leasing a Lexus a most rewarding experience. - Rabbi Mark S. Golub"
"They did an excellent job of service. It was pleasant, timely, and the maintenance representative was stellar. I was on a phone call with a customer and the car was fixed before I finished my call."