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"It was great working with my service rep who was very helpful . the dealership should have someone to receive costumers on arrival .costumer's shouldn't have to look for help in a place like that ."
"Be careful with their service department!!!!!! My Cayenne S was in great condition before the regular maintenance at their service department. The transmission system and tires feels totally different after the service. Transmission box broke one month later and I find the tires are not the original ones at the same time! I could have post the horribly wear and gear tires if I can. Give back my performance tires, South Bay Porsche Stealer! After they change the transmission box, I find the tire pressure was set to 41/49 PSI and Porsche Pasadena location helps me to adjust the tires. This tire pressure could have killed me! I will never use their service again and I have reported them to Porsche USA!!!"