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Easy one
"Friendly easy going as he approaches me as a salesman, as we went to test drive and next day delivery to my house, the entire buying process was a piece cake "
"I have purchased two Porsches at this dealership. A Cayenne and a 911. The sales man was very knowledgeable and in general, they are very low pressure. Much nicer than Sonnen in Marin for example. I was able to reach him on a weekend once when my battery died in the 911 and he explained to me the steps to open the trunk without power! Saved the day. And he was off duty that day. I still have all my service done there as well. John is the Service Manager and does an excellent job. He keeps you informed and always has provided an excellent loaner Porsche. There may be others who complain, but if you go there and meet these people and experience them, you will see what I mean. This is a first class dealer. "