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"Received a letter from Chrysler stating my vehicles gas tank is covered by by an extended warranty. Dealership service technician diagnosed the gas tank and said I need to get it replaced. It has now been over 6 months and despite repeatedly contacting the dealership and Chrysler customer service, I am still waiting to have my gas tank replaced. I have had this car for over a year and have not been able to fill up the gas tank without the vehicle stalling out at low speeds. At one point, I was informed by a technician that they have had a gas tank in and have been trying to contact me, and even set up an appointment with me so he could take my car. The service manager, Seth, informed me later that day that I was lied to, and said that there was no gas tank in. I was also unfortunate enough to get on the phone with a recall specialist named Nate, who was incredibly rude and should not be in a customer service position. I was informed on two separate occasions that the gas tank would be in on a specific date, and those dates have both come and long gone."
" Had a bad (warrantied factory installed) Tonneau cover. I wanted new cover and frame but Service supervisor refused said it would only take “ten minutes” to replace the cover and be cheaper for them. I watched for 2 hours while 2 men struggled trying to stretch the new cover over the frame and force it into the connecting slots. They pressed their elbows into the sides of my truck for leverage and used rubber mallets to smash the plastic edges of the cover so that it would snap into the slots. I could see numerous dents in the sides of my truck caused from the pressure of their elbows and the edges were torn and crushed. A rivet gun was laying on top of my bumper and an employee pened the tailgate on top of it. This left scratches and dents in my tailgate.. At this point, Helen called Dave Viehe, the body shop manager, Omar Scully, the parts manager, and Ron Jellis, the director of service operations to view the situation. Mr. Scully told us that he could not order just the new insulation for the cover’s frame and it now needed a new frame. Mr. Viehe said that they could fix my truck but I would have to bring it back to them as they did not have time to fix it then. I explained that I was leaving for Tennessee in a couple of days for the Christmas holidays and upon my return would be living in Stuart Fl. and not Ft. Lauderdale. It would be a financial burden and a hardship for me to come back to Ft. Lauderdale. Plus, it would be costly for me to stay in a hotel for several days while they repaired my truck. Mr. Jellis immediately talked over me, laughed in my face and said “Well, you certainly don’t expect us to pay for a motel room for you. We are going to fix the truck and it is your problem on how to get it to us.” I said “If you had simply ordered a new frame, with the cover attached from the factory, like I requested, you would have saved yourself time and a lot of money and I would not have to come back to Ft. Lauderdale.” Mr. Jellis took offense to what I said, walked up to within inches of my face and growled, “I told you what we would do and that is all we will do”. He was unapproachable, to the point of being aggressive, and would not allow me to say anything else. I am a disabled senior female veteran and he totally disrespected me and even frightened me so my care provider and I left. I figured that I even though I did not want to go back to this dealership I would have to do that to get my truck fixed. So, I called them to confirm they had ordered the new cover, and make sure this time it came already installed on the frame. I talked with Mr. Scully who told me that he had not ordered it because they had denied approval for this. I told him that that was not acceptable as their attempts to just put a new cover on was what caused the damage to my truck to begin with. I also spoke with Mr. Viehe and he confirmed that it would take more than one day to repair my truck. I then asked to speak to Mr. Jellis, and as soon as I identified myself and told him that we needed to come up with a plan so I could get my truck fixed he repeated the word “NO” at least 10--20 times and then laughed at me, and told me they would not pay for me to stay in a motel while my vehicle was fixed. That was not what I even wanted but every time I tried to explain some options he just yelled “No” again. I asked him to stop yelling at me and told him he didn’t have to say “NO” constantly. I then called Mr. Yardley, the owner of the dealership and before I could even tell him my full name he was already yelling at me and telling me “In no short terms I will not pay for you to stay in a hotel. It is your problem to get the truck here.” I tried to explain that I didn’t want a hotel room but quickly realized I could not communicate with him as he just kept yelling at me. So, I advised him that I would take the matter up with corporate headquarters. He hung up on me "