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"Customer Service should not end after you sign your name.... unfortunately, that's exactly what happened in my case at Reliable Chevrolet in Springfield, MO. I bought 2 vehicles from them at the same time and traded in 2 vehicles on April 19, 2015. When I first walked on to the lot I told them my budget and they offered to replace both my old vehicles with new(er) vehicles and to stay within my budget. They did just that! I got a great deal (although they didn't absorb the sales tax like I had asked). I was pretty happy with the deal nonetheless. During the financing part, the guy offered me a warranty on both vehicle and said that all vehicles sold have a complimentary 3 monthx3,000 mile warranty. I turned down the offer to purchase an extended warranty because I had planned on shopping for a better used car warranty and I had 3 months to find a better deal outside the dealer. The finance guy said "that's fine... just remember, after those 3 monthsx3,000 miles, you're on your own" I said "ok." Jump forward 1 month of ownership, one of the vehicles started to overheat and, come to find out, was leaking coolant. Took it in to get service on it and they said it would cost me $500 for repairs. I told them I was sill within the 3 monthx3,000 mile guarantee period, and they replied that the temporary guarantee didn't apply in this particular case. I was pretty angry to say the least, they said repair itself is only a few hours of labor and the part that needed replacing is cheap. My good car purchasing experience just went through the floor. My salesman was good, but I wouldn't recommend buying a used vehicle from Reliable Chevrolet in Springfield, MO as they don't help after the purchase if something goes wrong. If they really wanted to live up to their name, I would have heard the words "Mr ____ We're very sorry about that, sir. We want to retain your business with us, so we'll get that fixed for you and get you back on the road as soon as possible." Unfortunately, they were NOT able to muster up those words, leaving me here, taking the time to type up this review. I will update this review if anything changes."
"you have a lot of options, you can check the cars on your own as many times as you like without a sales guy rushing you. also the finance manager was very clear on everything. "