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"Maria and the entire staff at Progressive were very friendly and helpful. I have been on the car search over the past few months and have come close to making a few deals but they didn't go thru due to a few negative experiences with the shady tactics of certain salesmen. Maria was up front and I could tell was all about making this deal happen for me without pressuring me or up selling me on anything. Very professional and pleasant to work with. She got me right in the car I wanted and checked in with me throughout the whole process while making sure I was being taken care of by everyone else in her absence as she was preparing the various stages of paperwork, etc. This experience was so professional and opposite of my negative encounters I had experienced elsewhere. "
"I just to just say that all the people at Shelor Motor Mile are absolutely fantastic! They answer all questions you have and they make you feel like you are a part of their family! They make it easy and fun to buy or lease a car! I would recommend them to anybody. I am leasing a vehicle from them it is my second lease and I love it! I just want Nathan Thomas to know he is the best car salesmen I have dealt with and all the other staff at Shelor are so nice and friendly! Any way sorry for such a long review but you guys are the best! Thanks once again!"