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"I was going to give them ZERO stars but I’m giving Shawn Swenson a chance to make it right. They have a vehicle that I was interested in but there were only 4 pics of it online and none were of the interior. I sent multiple emails to see if I could get more pics of the vehicle but to avail. I received several emails saying “Thank you for showing interest in the vehicle, I know that you have been speaking with my team.” I never spoke to anyone! After almost a week of getting generic emails I called and spoke with Megan who informed me that the car was available and at the dealership. I scheduled an appointment that was 2 hours later and was informed that a salesperson would contact me. I was contacted by Byron 5 minutes later and he confirmed the car was there. I get there and Byron informs me that he is with another customer and points me in the general direction of the car. I walk the lot looking for this car and it is nowhere to be found. I inform Byron who informs me that the car was loaned out. I’m not pleased because 2 hours before 2 people tell me the car is there. Come to find out they never went outside to make sure. Byron tells me to wait so I stand around for another 20 minutes wondering what I’m waiting around for. It’s not like he’s going to make the car magically appear. He tells me that it has been loaned out to a customer whose car is in the shop and it’s in Waxahachie but they can have them bring it back and have it ready later that day. What? Who are you going to tell a customer to bring a car back that is 60 miles away. Didn’t make sense. I asked to speak to a manager so I waited another 10 minutes. Byron was talking to a young guy, not the manager, and they were smiling. As Byron goes to talk to the manager this guy walks my me smiling and says “having a good day?” which I reply “no” and he keeps walking. He knew I wasn’t happy which made me more furious. I speak to the manager who apologizes and tells me they can have the car back in a couple of hours. I told him that I didn’t live close by and could not do that. He offered to fill my tank up which I refused because I wanted to see the car. I asked him and Byron to have the General Manager, Shawn Swenson, call me the following Monday morning. Monday rolls around and no call from Shawn. I did get a call from Megan wondering why I didn’t make it to my appointment. I informed her that I did and the car was not there. I asked her to have Shawn call me. I decided to call Shawn but got voicemail. I left a message to call me. Wednesday rolls around and no call. I called again and left him a message. I called and spoke to Byron to see if Shawn was there which he told me that he was. Byron told me that no one has called me and wanted to leave me alone because I did not have a good experience. HELLO!!!! That’s the main reason to call a customer. Customer service 101. I asked him if the car was loaned out to a customer or did an employee have it because it didn’t make sense. He said he didn’t know. Anyways, I still haven’t received a call from Shawn. I guess you can’t expect good customer service when the GM refuses to provide it. I will give reviews with lower ratings until I hear from you Shawn!"
"Excellent communication and qualification of my auto and budget needs met by Ted Mothershed, class act! Will recommend Ted and dealership to others looking for fantastic service and great deal."