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"I had just sold my '84 Camaro and needed a new vehicle. I went Cass Burch and picked out a Chrysler 200. My salesman, Tony was very helpful. The crew at Cass Burch made the buying process easy as pie! I will recommend the dealership to all my family and friends."
Fix It Right or Don't TOuch My SUV
"Took our SUV in for expensive new plugs and fuel induction service they pushed for our 5.7 hemi recently. All of a sudden my gas mileage is ~5mpg less than the day before I brought it in? In addition I question if they changed all my spark plugs since not even the dust on the rear engine coil caps have a single mark or finger print on them, in contrast to the ones more forward which have easily identifiable finger marks and bolt tool marks. I took it back to get it looked at a week later and now also to have my check engine light looked at. Dropped it off at 7:15am and told it should be ready in 3-4 hrs. They never even touched the truck until well in the late afternoon and that's only after I called them for status to pick up the SUV to find this out. Got a dopey "um yeeah, the tech was working on something else." By 4:00pm they never addressed the gas mileage issue [ie potentially botched fuel induction service per guy at counter who acted like its a normal occurrence and said when I dropped it off ' maybe they didn't all the carbon out like their supposed to...". Never addressed the check engine light and wanted me to bring it back next Monday. Lost the entire day for NOTHING! I called manager of service after because I was mad for being lied to about the 'it should be ready in 3-4 hours' they told me when I dropped it off. He was as ignorant and as evasive as he could have been and took no accountability, only made excuses. I asked to talk to someone more concerned about the well being of the dealerships reputation and he said he would have the general manager call me back within 5 minutes. Well he never called back [surprise, surprise] as I expected based on the slimy counter clerk and so called service manager's excuse based communication earlier. It appears this dealership tries to convince customers that its family owned and ' my daddy would be so proud of me" bull they keep replaying on the phone while you wait for someone to answer, this so you think you are going to a nice and reliable hometown dealership for purchase or service you can trust; well its not. I was lied to and got shotty service the first time and no service the second time, ignorant excuses and after loosing a whole day I'm of conclusion they are not worthy of doing business in our community."