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"I was looking to do a trade in for a car with cheaper monthly payments and that's exactly what I got! Bart and the rest of the staff were great at making arrangements to help me leave the parking lot with a beautiful Chrysler 200 Limited. Highly recommend doing business with BMG! "
"We couldn't ask for a better salesman than Danny Flaherty. He answered SO many questions on the Chrysler Pacifica for us and made sure we got a fantastic deal! I would recommend everyone to talk to Danny about buying a new vehicle. When it came time to sign the paperwork for our financing, we dealt with Terry. I kept asking for a copy of the worksheet with the final numbers on it to make sure of the deal we were getting and he wouldn't let us see it until we had signed all the other papers for the financing. The worksheet should have been the first document we were presented so we could review it and make sure all the numbers were correct BEFORE we were signing all the loan papers. He seemed annoyed that I was asking any questions. Hope Terry changes his way of presenting his financial papers before he has another customer."