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"I've been to the service center three or four times since my new car purchase last year. Each time Theresa was accommodating, respectful, thorough and professional. She was very knowledgeable and had a kind attitude. She handled all of my needs efficiently and each time I left I felt good about returning to this dealership for service in the future. Great job, Thersa - thank you for your superior service!"
Bill and Cheryl
"My husband brought our Elantra down for its scheduled sticker which is free if you come back there. In talking with a terrific guy Chris who was not even on the clock yet he decided to bring me home a 2017 Sante Fe sport. I am in love and it was so easy. By one in the afternoon I was driving around in my new car which I love. We worked with Chris Antone who was more than awesome, kind, courteous, knowledgeable, very up on the cars and could show us how to use all the features and then some. I would go back to him every time I need a car. Serena Mariani did all of our paperwork. She was quick and efficient and very personable to work with. Never once did she mind our million questions."