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"I brought my Jeep in for some normal maintence and warranty work. Jack kept me up to speed on the amount of time the vehicle would take and what to expect for cost. All my options were explained and feel like he made my concerns his own. "
David Rivetts
"I first started shopping at the big volume dealers assuming I could find the car I wanted on the lot and get a good price. I found cars at the big volume dealers but not the price I wanted to pay. So I decided to go to Acton Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram even though on line they didn't show any inventory of cars that I was looking for. I spoke with Lou Angelli and I told him what I was looking for and he quickly found one and then we started to negotiate. He told me his deal and then I told him my deal, and we went back and forth and finally ended up much closer to my price than theirs. They were able to deliver the car to me in 3 days, they took care of all the paperwork and there were no surprises."