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"We were looking for a nicely loaded SUV for camping and skiing. We needed something affordable and clean. Nwms had a great selection with two exact to look through"
"I am very disappointed.....but let me first say I am a Jeff Wyler customer. We have purchased 2 vehicles from Jeff Wyler Honda in Florence, KY. Justin Staggs is a GREAT salesman and we love our cars. However, our last purchase has been EXTREMELY disappointing. The issue is not with the Florence location or Justin, but the Jeff Wyler Springfield location. Our last purchase was a 2013 Jeep Rubicon. When we saw the add for the vehicle, we had to have it. We called Justin and we made the deal. In the ad for the vehicle, several pictures were posted. One of the pics was of the hard top for the Jeep. When the vehicle was delivered, the hardtop portion with the windows ( 3pc design, 2 plates over the front doors, 3rd pc being the part with the windows that covers the back) did not arrive with the vehicle. The gentleman who drove the vehicle down stated that the back portion would have to be delivered. The front 2 plates were in a zipper case in the back of the Jeep. No issue at the time....or so we thought. A week later, we called Justin and asked when the remaining portion would be delivered. He called Springfield and they stated that everything was sent down with the vehicle. Clearly it was not. We could not find the ad for the vehicle to show that it was included in the vehicle. We requested the photos and we still have not been granted that access. Justin has made several calls and the people at Springfield are stating it isn't there. Justin has bent over backwards to solve this but has gotten nowhere. How are you going to send us 2/3rds of a hard top then tell us everything was sent and they don't have it!!! It is CLEARLY missing!! The driver even told us it was up there! I made a call to the corporate office yesterday and my call has not been returned. I will continue to call until we get answers. Wyler has always been a reputable dealership and i cannot believe that this is even an issue. My mother has bought several cars there as well and cannot believe this. Again, we will continue to add reviews wherever possible and call corporate until this is resolved. Again, this is VERY disappointing!!!"