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"The man sells lemons for cars then won't even fulfill his legal obligation to pay for repairs for major issues that occur as soon as the car leaves the lot. I am taking legal action. Buying from him was the worst mistake I have ever made in my life. Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS CRIMINAL"
"While in Wyoming ( November 28, 2017) I saw Hunters advertising a New 2017 ivory Jeep Grand Cherokee Jeep Overland on the web page with the following discounts. $4,000.00 from Hunter, $2,500.00 from Chrysler. I asked several questions via e-mail about this new 2017 Jeep advertised for $52,380 before $6,500 in discounts. A week and 5 e-mails later we arrive back to our home in Bakersfield. The salesman told me he would be in at 3 on Monday morning. I called him and said we were about 70 miles from Bakersfield. He called me back and told me he could not find the Jeep on the lot and just learned the owners wife was driving it. I said then it isn't new. After some conversation elapsed we went to Hunter. The Jeep had 550 miles on it, was not new, and Mr. Flores tried to tell me the Chrysler discount was $2,000 and not $2,500 as was on the their inner net. I shared with him that Hunter had over 20 vehicles with the $2,500 discount on their web page. The salesman went to his desk and pulled up their web page. There it was $2,500.00. Eventually after alot of arguing Mr. Flores said he would give me the $2,500. I told him that he wasn't giving it to me he advertised that discount to everyone in a greedy attempt to get people to come to Hunter and then to wiggle out of the $2,500. This was my second Jeep. I had just sold our 2015. I received a post card from Chrysler stating they would give me $500.00 off the purchase of a new vehicle. After a verbal confrontation of this unethical advertising campaign by Hunter he said he would give me the $4,000, the $2,500 as was advertised plus Chrysler was going to give me another $500 f\because this was my second Jeep. This being said - all of these discounts was for a new Jeep, in my mind with maybe 2 to 10 miles on it; readily sitting on the lot and not driven by anyone. I told Mr. Flores in his office to make the discount "right" for this Jeep not being a new jeep as advertised on their web page. I left his office. About 3 hours later we go through financing. I did not verify the additional discount for the Demo Jeep. On Tuesday I looked at the financing document and I did not get a penny off for buying a DEMO unit with 550 miles on it. Imagine if I had went to the dealership with a 2017 Jeep with 550 miles on it what they would have offered me for it . I looked up the price of this truck on Nada. The value of this Jeep drops significantly from New with 2 miles on it to 550 miles on it. Yet, not a penny in discount for this Demo unit. In conclusion had I known from the beginning ( a week earlier during contact with the salesman) that this Jeep was being advertised as a NEW Jeep but in reality was a demo unit being driven by "the owners wife" I would have went to Huntington Chrysler because they offer the same discounts for an actual - NEW on the lot Jeep. Chrysler does a great job with the Overland., This is our 2nd. Jeep. No one should have to fight to get what they were promised for discounts. The salesman actually sent me the picture from the web page with those discounts on it. So, these discounts were not a mistake but rather within a plan. to get the customer in their office, hooked on their vehicle then get out of the advertised Chrysler discount of $2,500.00 . Advertised as New but was a jeep being driven every day, this 2017 Jeep was not on the lot and actually had 550 miles on it when I got there. The salesman ( Chris) did not know it was on the lot. Chris told me that this jeep was new and he would have it prepped and gassed up after I bought it. But then , he didn't know it wasn't a new unit. But - Mr. Flores did. Lastly when I confronted Mr. Flores he told me he did not have to sell me this jeep. I asked to speak to the owner or the Manager several times. Mr. Flores told me he acted on the behalf of the owner. He was very reluctant to have me talk to his manager. And, never granted my request. From what I know now Mr. Flores did in fact direct the web page manger to include these discounts. Mr. Flores told me that everyone there reports to him. Subsequently and by his own admission the web manager does not list prices himself , he/she just inserts what numbers he/ she was given. by Mr. Flores. Mr. Flores will never ever sell me another Jeep. This entire dealership is under the direct command of Mr. Flores and his ethics needs to be confronted in a class action litigation on the grounds of inner net fraud for financial gain. I will go to Huntington Chrysler because Bakersfield seldom offers any discounts. Hunter in Lancaster - one can leave their home expecting to buy a new Jeep and once they get to Lancaster Chrysler actually get a used Jeep ( driven by someone with over 500 miles on it) for the price of a new jeep and not get a penny in discount. What ever happened to Ethics and honor ? "