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Arsenal FC Fan
"I had done extensive research and had narrowed my choices down to Mazda CX-5 or Subaru Outback. I was replacing a 2007 Outback and had driven new ones a few times as service loaners. Nice car but its kind of a "transportation appliance" ; there's nothing sporting or entertaining about driving it. A few weeks ago I encountered someone putting groceries in a CX-5 at Stop and Shop. I asked him about the car and he said he loved it. He also spoke highly of his buying experience at North Shore Mazda. Based on that recommendation I went to North Shore Mazda, even though they are actually a little further away from my home than a competitor is. A test drive in a CX-5 Grand Touring convinced me that it was the car for me. My salesman was Dmitriy Rutman and he was great, very knowledgeable and affable. There was no pressure and he was very quick to reply to my emails and texts. The entire process at North Shore Mazda was painless. Also, I got a much better offer on my high mileage trade in than I was anticipating. I would absolutely recommend North Shore Mazda, Dmitriy, and the CX-5 to anyone. "
Jesse Wilson
"I have purchased 3 vehicles from Orem Mazda. The experience has always been very transparent and efficient. Shaun Eames and Jesse Burgland were very professional and helpful. I highly recommend this dealership."