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"I am looking into purchasing a 2015 mazda3. I went in to get a quote and test drive the car with my dad (since he never drove the car). We were greeted by a young sales man (in 20s) which was probably the first mistake since clearly he was inexperienced or badly trained. The reason I said this, is because when talking to him he was very pushy about selling the car and when we clearly stated that we are here for a quote and we are looking to BUY NOT LEASE he told my dad that he was wrong in doing so and that LEASING is so much better (I know dealers profit more from leasing a car instead of selling when a customer is paying the full price but come-on) that was my first red flag. Then it took us about 35 min of talking about nothing and checking for prices before we even test drove the car (which i believe should be done first then talk $). After we drove the car (which was the one thing that went very well) we went back inside, to the same table and talked about the final price out the door... (F. Y. I. - I am an accounting student and pretty good with numbers. I also have business management/finance education with few years of experience to back it up). The reason we wanted to check this dealer out is because they had this huge advertisement on the radio repeating stating that they will give us $5000 for the trade in even if the car is worth $100. (I didn't want to believe it so the visit was to test that out). If anyone looks up the price of a 2015 Mazda3 iTouring then you will see that MSRP is around $21,000. The dealer when negotiating told me that the price for that car is $23,500 while when test driving the sticker on the car showed $21,--- with change (this is all before taxes and any fees) then he said that they gave me the $5000 for my trade in which took the price to $18,--- with change and after taxes and all the dealer fees the price was up to $21,5-- with change. When reading the information i saw one red flag after another. First of all they UP PRICE the vehicle when giving us a "deal" which they advertise. Second, the estimated price for the car on TrueCar.com is around 19,500 (before fees and taxes) Third, If everything is right then this dealer has about 5,000 of fees which is UNACCEPTABLE (or they are doing false advertising and really not giving your anything for your vehicle, just lowering to price to original so that the customer fills that they are getting a deal which in reality it's a manipulation) Fourth, when disagreeing with the price INSTEAD of negotiating and trying to match another dealers quote they told me to go to that dealer instead. So we got up and left. The whole experience was exhausting and not very pleasant which is the opposite of what a car buying experience should be (which was done right when buying our 2012 Altima 2 1/2 years ago in Fort Lauderdale) When reading the reviews on the dealer before going in I have to agree with all the negative ones, maybe the positive reviews either got lucky and have worked with the one sales person/manager there that actually knows what they are doing or they fell for the price manipulation that the dealer try pulling on me. Needless to say I will not be returning to Grieco dealers ever again and send all my friends that are interested in Mazda's or any other vehicle somewhere else. "
"Matthew Boston, in sales, and Danielle, in the business office, made my visit to Bill Dube feel like visiting old friends , ., , No pressure, friendly, totally honest and understanding. Test drives were helpful and informative. No games, just people doing a wonderful job. "