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"Had a great experience purchasing my CX-5 at Wantagh Mazda. Our salesman, Joe Bonavita was very knowledgable and had a wonderful No-pressure style. The pricing was very fair and we had the car to pick up as promised. Again, Joe spent plenty of time showing us all the features and how they functioned. Oh, our whole financing process took less than 5 minutes. I have already recommended Joe and this dealership to friends."
"When it came time for a new car we did a lot of research ahead of time. We narrowed our choices down to 2 cars a VW Jetta and a Mazda 3. We set out on a Saturday morning to go car shopping. We decided to go the local VW dealership first and Mazda second. After test driving a Jetta and getting some base numbers we headed to sport Mazda. The first thing we noticed is we did not get ambushed as soon as we got out of the car, a nice touch we enjoyed. Since we knew what we were looking for in features we walked the lot a little bit to see what was out there. Once we were ready to speak with a sales associate we walked to the showroom where we were greeted by Barby. We explained to Barby what we were looking for and she showed us what they had available. Barby was very knowledgeable about the vehicles and answered any questions we had. She was also extremely pleasant to deal with, not pushy or trying to upsell. She respected which options we wanted and what we didn't. After the test drive, we were confident that was the car we wanted, but we wanted to get some lunch and discuss some things. At this time we were introduced to a finance associate ( I believe his name was Jason). We asked for some numbers and that we were going to get lunch. He was very accommodating. To show we were serious and that we were coming back I asked to take the Mazda out to lunch and they had no issue with it. We got back from lunch and gave them an offer, with a number in our head on what we wanted to pay. They agreed to a number that we wanted and we made the deal. Not at anytime did we feel pressured or over whelmed. If we asked for time they gave us our space until; we approached them again. When we were working with them we had their full attention. I cannot say enough about how the whole crew but especially Barby made the experience easy and enjoyable. Besides all this the after purchase programs they include are great. She loves her new car so much I'm thinking about going back and getting one for myslef. When I do I know I will ask for Barby as you should too,. "