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Krystina loeblein
"When arriving at the Elk Grove dealership I met a great sales guy named Garrett he was very respectful and did not make me feel over whelmed or try to force a sale he asked what I personally liked and let me show him what I liked rather than what most annoying places usually do and just pick anything and try to force you in and out with a sale the sales guys at this place was super laid back and had positive confidence and well educated on any product they have there and can answer any questions without hesitation also they will work with you on pricing and will still communicate even after the sale with the same respect to answer any questions you may have with ur new purchase and I have many friends that saw my new car and at work and are 100% with the choice he helped me with and have also been there to apparently with the same positive experience, I definitely highly recommend Garrett for advice when it comes to picking out the perfect car."
"John McNeil does a great job of making sure you get what you want, in a timely fashion, for the price you're looking for. Cannot thank you guys enough for getting this process over with so easily and painless. "