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Acura Service Center Reviews

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"The service staff was very friendly and provided a loaner vehicle as my car was being serviced over the weekend. Quick turn around and very processional staff."
"The appointment initially started off not so good, I called to make a appointment a week prior to the scheduled date. An employee at the dealership ensured me that I would have a loaner car. To my surprise at the appointment there was no loaner car to lend me. I had to call to rearrange my work schedule due to the lack of a vehicle that day. The service tech Javier secures me a shuttle to my place of residence fairly quick to remedy the situation. After about $450 in service work on my vehicle the the problem is still there. The same service tech Javier followed up with me and I informed him that the problem with the car still remains. He admittedly apologized and book me a appointment to have the vehicle looked at again. He also informed me that he would secure a loner vehicle for me. "