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"After bringing our car in for a routine oil change, my wife and I also noticed and mentioned a low psi warning on one of the tires which they gladly offered to inspect it. Upon completion of our oil change, they also fixed our tire which had a small leak in it. After leaving the dealership, the car seemed to pick up a slight shake at around 65mph which would gradually increase to a violent shake around 75mph. Since the car did not do this prior to bringing it in for maintenance that afternoon, I drove it back to the dealership . After discussing our concerns with the service representative, he seemed very understanding and offered a few things that they could do at no charge. Needless to say, the problem was fixed and the car rides as it did before. "
"I have gotten 4 cars through this dealership over many years! Great to work with and service department is great too! Would highly recommend this dealership!!"