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John C Ezell
"We bought a 2011 VW Jetta here in January of 2017. Within a week, the check engine light was coming on, intermittently. We also noticed an oil spot in the driveway that over the next couple of months got worse and worse. The A/C also has almost stopped working, altogether. We took the car to a service provider in Roanoke and they found multiple issues, right away. The oil pan drain plug had only been finger-tightened. This is where the bulk of the oil was coming from. However, they also found another leak stemming from a bad vacuum pump. They found that there was a tear in the front driver's side CV boot. We have a warranty with a $250 deductible but, after all of this, it was obvious that these were issues that were overlooked by the dealership and the mechanic even told us as much. My wife called and spoke with someone in the service department at Truck World/Southwest Kia that agreed that we should not have to pay to have these issues taken care of. So my wife made the long drive to the dealership the next day (today) to get things taken care of, based on this conversation. She was immediately approached with attitude and told that the warranty would have to be used. Despite what the service dept. told us, they simply refused to own up to their short-comings and did not seemed concerned, at all, with providing even decent customer service. They even found a pork rib bone under the engine covers during their diagnosis! They were (allegedly) the last ones that gained access under these covers during inspection before sale. Now we are cornered into coming up with a $250 deductible and over $400 for parts and labor to repair everything not covered by the warranty (A/C is not included in this price). If this was all happening after driving the car 6 months or after considerable mileage, I would not be writing this. All they needed to do was 'the right thing' by their customers. Buyer beware! They obviously have no issue selling a lemon and then turning the other way. Very disappointed and would not recommend Truck World or Southwest Kia to anyone!"
"This review is long overdue! My VW Passat 3.6L is now 11 years old. Stohlman was where I purchased this vehicle, and I've been dealing with Joe for the past 11 years. I couldn't believe the 2 negative reviews on this site, because Joe has been anything but rude/unprofessional! For the past 2-3 months, I was waiting for the right color combination of a 2017 VW Passat 3.6L (black/beige). Unfortunately, I couldn't wait much longer since my 18 year old son was driving my existing VW everyday. Sadly, I ended up buying another brand... Obviously, my wish to purchase another VW proves that I enjoyed driving it, but big part of the reasons for wanting purchase another VW was because of Joe's excellent, unparalleled service! I've had great experiences at Stohlman throughout the entire 11 years of my VW ownership. I am happy that I will still get to deal with Stohlman & Joe, at least, for my son's car :)"