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"I have purchased three cars in 6 year from Lou Bachrodt. Thief sales people like Jasmine, Hank and Sam are not pushy to get a sale. They got me the exact car I wanted each time. The service department is wonderful, no hassle Courtney and Brian along with the rest are knowledgeable about my cars. My service was only routine not a problem with my VW's. I will continue to purchase from LB. "
"I was looking for a used TDI on the company website and wanted to see some in person. My wife and I arrived unannounced on a Saturday and we were greeted at the curb. Our first thought was, "Oh great...here come the vultures!" But Todd was kind and friendly; there was no pushiness or pressure. He knows his product and was able to answer all my technical questions. He patiently spent about 5 hours with us, test-driving several vehicles. We made our choice and made an offer. We went back and forth only a couple times and we got a good deal on a really clean car. So good in fact, that we ended up buy 2 used cars that day! Todd's professionalism made the process easy and he kept us apprised until our closing. This was a really pleasant experience for us! Thanks, Todd and Paramount VW!! I'll be back for service, too!"