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"The gentleman I tried to work with in the fianance department was Bo and claimed to be the finance director. I simply asked for one item, the payoff to my lease. Instead he tried to give a sticky with my name SSN and amount of payoff. Then when I tried to grab it because it had my SSN, he pulled it away from me. I told him I felt uncomfortable with this procedure and who I can speak with above him. He then told me I had an attitude, good luck, and walked away. People just stood around watching and no one tried to intervene a quickly escalating issue. Very poorly handled! Very unprofessional by a dearlership that I have purchased multiple cars with. Never again. "
Michael T.
"I called last minute on a Saturday morning fully expecting to be told the service dept was too busy to service that day but Brian Edwards worked me in that day. This is one of the many reasons I return to Strong for service even I live in Sandy."