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"I was looking for a specific color/equipment combo 2015 VW GTI & in the DC/MD/VA region, there was like 5-6 cars with this exact configuration. My local 2 VW dealer in Richmond, VA wouldn't come close to the budget I was looking for. However, when I contacted Stohlman of Tysons Corner via a web form & got a call back from Trent Norris - the wheels were in motion immediately for an agreement. Trent was almost immediately able to agree to my budgetary needs. No back & forth via email or phone tag. No strong arm pressuring to get a few more bucks. We agreed to a deal on the phone that allowed me to fit my budget with no hidden costs. Left me with enough dollar$ to buy a 50K maintenance plan from finance rep Sean (Hesham Kamal) - another easy going no pressure Stohlman team member. All in all I was EXTREMELY happy with my purchase experience at Stohlman of Tysons. Having grown up in Vienna, Tysons was the last place I thought I would be able to purchase car at a great price without the usual bevy of slick, high pressure, slime-ball automotive dealers harassing me. But Stohlman esp. Trent - is the exception to the norm in Tysons. I came up from Richmond on a Saturday in late July & Trent was waiting with a big smile and walked me through the capabilities of the GTI. Then Sean went over the final paperwork with the added maintenance agreement purchase. Everything was ready and waiting for me as they took all my info via email & phone prior. I was in-out in ~60 mins. They even came up me with a better loan rate than the vaulted PenFed blank check! I didn't have any buyer's remorse like I had overpaid and actually got a better deal than what I had planned for. Now this is how car buying should be like in the 21st century! I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant purchase experience & I can't wait to buy another VW from Trent & Stohlman in the future!"
"I was very happy with the prompt service and follow up with any questions I had, will recommend them . Otis went out of his way to get everything done so I was able to drive my car home that afternoon. He also would text me even after I had the car to make sure everything was ok... "