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"I don't enjoy shopping, much less for cars. So when I found this deal, I was more than pleased. The car runs great, all save for a loose belt, which will be replaced by the dealer. They were great to negotiate with. I would definitely go back for future car buying needs."
Jeff Witte
"My wife and I stopped at Jeff Wyler King's Nissan just to look at a Rogue, as I was planning to buy a new car after completing my Volkswagen diesel buyback. I was not initially intending to buy there, but salesman Brandon Yates did a great job with his personable, low key style, and sales manager Ritchard Greco also spent some time talking with us. When it came time to buy the car, sales manager Brian Falhaber located exactly what I wanted. I am now very satisfied with my 2017 Rogue SL Platinum Reserve."