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Beth & Rich
"Jan 2015 purchased a car from them .. we had a trade in and out money down . We drove a white Sentra fully loaded cruise Bluetooth ... I decided I wanted a black one just like that .. so they brought up a blk one .. did all the paper work after 9 hours it was closing when we left .so on the way home I told my husband to try the Bluetooth and all the features my husband said this isn't the car we drive this one has nothing in it . So I called the dealership and spoke with the sales mgr Mike . He refused to take it back .. the next day he called my house saying not to give the sales men a bad review is commision will be late .. I told him to bad NO ONE would make this purchase right .he said I could purchase after market to put on it .. no I don't think so I wasn't upside when I bought the car now no one will touch it with nothing in it .. sad thing is all they had to do is give me the car I drove and they couldn't do that . I have been stuck with a car with no cruise or Bluetooth since the purchase which was the two essentials I told my salesmen I needed because I had sick parents that lived 200 miles away so it was a necessity .. NO ONE would let me talk to Billy because I thought being less than 12 hours off the lit they would make it right ...NO ONE that I know of has had a good experience there .. would never reccomend .. who keep people there for 9 hrs SMH and gives u the wrong car .. so those commercial u see r a bunch of garabage they could care a less about u as a customer !!!"
"Thank you Alicia and Shawn for helping me find my dream car. I didn't think I Would-be able to get a new car because Of my not having enough credit. I didn't know being a recent college graduate would help me. "