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"When I walked into White Plains Nissan I was not going to buy a car there as I was going to another dealer that gave me quotes on Rogue. But when I came into White Plains I was greeted like a family member and my Salesperson Grecia was so friendly and full of information as were Felix Camino. They tied so hard to get the first choice color but was not successful so in looking at another I decided to buy my car there with a color they had in stock. All I can say all the salesman and everyone working there was all so polite helpful and professional including the owner. My sales person will see me again when I am up with my lease good going Grecia and White Plains Nissan."
"I thought I would get a chance to read while.I was there but, they finished in a timely manner. I spent the time I was there discussing how we love our cars and this service department. I even got a chance to speak with my car salesman, he was very sincere even though I gavE he and Yvette, such a hard time when i bought my car. I love them and my Rogue"