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"My wife brought our 2011 Nissan Armada Platinum in on 7/31 for a routine oil change to prepare for a trip we were taking to Baltimore (9 hours away). Following the oil change, when she started the car, she noticed it sounded abnormally loud and it was extremely loud when accelerating. She called and told me about it immediately and when I drove the car myself that night, I agreed that the car did not sound normal and did not sound that way prior to the oil change. My wife brought the car back to Nissan first thing the next morning. The oil change guys made her wait 2 hours so the engine could “cool down” before they looked at it. After looking at the car, they quickly concluded that there was nothing they did wrong during the oil change the day before. The service receptionist was rude to my wife and told her “cars get old and part need to be replaced” and we should rent a car for our trip to Baltimore. Finally, a service manager rode in the car with my wife. He acknowledged that the car was loud and did not sound right. He said it might be the catalytic converter, offered no help or suggestions, and said it should be OK for the drive to Baltimore even though it sounded terrible. Once we returned from our trip, I took the car to a local mechanic. Three different mechanics looked at the car and all agreed that it was abnormally loud and didn’t sound right. Finally, they found that the heat shield that covers the oil pan (which is removed while changing the oil) was put back on backwards. The local mechanic installed the shield the correct way which fixed the issue—however they also said the shield was now warped (concave) and damaged from being installed improperly by Kerry. Kerry Nissan showed complete incompetence to complete a simple oil change on a Nissan vehicle that they should be very familiar with. They failed to check something so simple when my wife brought the car back and they were rude and disrespectful to her. The Service Manager and receptionist showed no interest in helping us. You would think Kerry would want to provide good service to customers that are dumb enough to buy one of their $56K cars. Like—maybe if we were treated in an even minimally decent way—maybe we would be dumb enough to buy another one someday? Terrible service! Terrible treatment! Pretty much what I have found at every Kerry dealership I have ever dealt with."
"Javier went above and beyond to get my car in for service on a Friday afternoon. Not enough time to fix it then but he got me a rental car and the technician were able to get it fixed way before I expected. When I returned the rental I left my house keys and when I called back Javier was able to find them and hold onto them until I could pick them up. Thanks for the caring atmosphere and getting our cars and trucks back on the road quickly."