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"Really liked the video from the mechanic ! Very helpful! Appreciate having a loaner car. Very happy that the service was done the same day. Wish that you would open a dealership in the Palm Springs area where I live!"
"This Mini Cooper was a piece of junk from For starters , there was no oil on the dipstick . The oil light kept on coming on and it took 3 qts. 2 days later the light came on again it it was low again. Thete was no visible leak and very little smoke from tailpipe. I dont travel far, just around town and it was going through oil like crazy! Also I guess they never checked the air conditioning, the fuse blows right away and I traced it to a shorted field coil on the ac compressor. Also there is no way you didn't know that it stalls at just about every light. Now the motor went bad on my way to dr today. The car sputtered and died. Found that the coolant entered crankcase. Either crack head or block. Possibility a head gasket. I was able to deal with the little xxxxxxxx but this takes the cake!!!!! Leaving vehicle where it sits. KEEP IT!!!! After multiple phone call and emails the dealership has yet to respond. I did purchase an extended warranty and the salessloth made it very clear that gaskets were not covered. He knew ahead of time it had a failed gasket and really made sure I knew that’s not covered beforehand. The motors no good and the gasket failed and caused the motor to go bad so nothings covered. A whole 40 miles I drove with this car! Jerry is a true snake!"