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Mike S
"I saw a 2012 BMW Z4 online and called the dealership. Otar answered and offered to stay after hours so I could make it down and see it that night. When I pulled up otar was standing outside with a rag in his hand making the car look presentable for a test drive 5 minutes before the dealership was scheduled to close; mind you!! He instantly starting apologizing that I caught him in the middle of cleaning it.. I was shocked because a week earlier I made the trip to BMW in Norwood and was brushed out the door as soon as the salesman looked at my ID and saw I was only 25 years old. Otar gave me a full demo of the car and nearly a 20min back road and highway test drive surpassing closing time by well over a half hour. When we got back he wouldn't let me get out of the car until I had a full understanding of the BMW idrive media system (which is amazing by the way). The best part is every question I had about the media system he couldn't answer himself he responded honestly that he wasn't sure and would refer me to one of the product specialists during normal business hours instead of making up answers and lying. We went inside and worked some numbers after that.. I couldn't commit that night because it's hard to think about spending that much money after a long day at work combined with the adrenaline rush from the awesome test drive I had. Instead of pushing. Otar understood and said to call him in the morning (this was well over and hour after close when he should have been home relaxing). The next morning first thing I called his personal cell which he gave me in place of the dealership number and went in to finalize paper work on the car. I have more to say but I'm typing this on my iPhone while my girl is home... Wish me luck explaining to her that there are no other girls In my life and I was just writing a well deserved review for the best sales guy ever. So, Otar this is now an unavoidable fight I'm about to have with my girl but it was worth it for you my friend. if you go to BMW of Warwick and don't ask for Otar you're not getting the car buying experience you deserve.. I can honestly say after my experience I simply couldn't buy from anyone else! MJS"
"Simply the worst BMW dealership in the Bay Area. While my vehicle was being serviced, items were STOLEN. The service manager promised to look into it... apparently looking into means completely ignoring my emails, never returning 1 of my voicemails, and being completely unresponsive with re: to how to rectify the situation. I've been to concord bmw, berkeley bmw, and bmw of marin. All are fantastic shops with great reputations. The SF dealership gives BMW a bad name. AVOID this establishment and drive over one of the bridges - you won't regret leaving the city for service and/or a purchase. This place is horrible. "