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"Chad Morris at Columbia BMW is a dedicated General Manager! This guy is A+++. He took the time to put a deal together that was rather complicated and he made it simple. Got me 0.9% interest on the PERFECT car. Unfortunately I had to back out of the deal at the last minute because of a option I had to have on the car that I over looked. He was very understanding and reversed my initial deposit. Pleasure to work with and answered every phone call immediately. Great guy."
"My old lease was up and I had very little time to shop for cars with my busy schedule. I had worked with Craig before and knew he would take care of me. I literally texted him what I was looking for and he told me that he had a car at a different dealership he thought I would like. He immediately sent someone across town to get it and had to all ready to go an hour later. Took me on a long test drive to make sure I liked everything about the car. I ask 1,000 questions and he literally knew the answer to every one. His knowledge of the cars is incredible, he doesn't pressure you at all. He is just there to help in any way you need. I have had the car for a couple weeks now and I still text him with questions which he always gets back to me right away even on days off. I could text him a year from now and I know he would get me all the info I need. Buying a car can be the worst experience ever but he make sit very easy and pain free. It is nice knowing that you can actually trust someone in his field. I have never had such good service from anyone even outside of the car buying world. Craig is the best, go see him."