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"The dealership is the worst EVER!! They were great at selling me my 2013 Honda Accord, but when I went to get it serviced They didn't even filled up the windshield washer fluid, so next time I went I told them to please fill it up since I was paying for it, the guy agreet to make sure it was done, but when I went to pick up my car, again they didnt do it. Next time I took my car to get serviced I told them to please make sure the fluids were filled up, and again the guy agreed to check and make sure, then I go to pick up my car and I saw my car in the middle of the street UNLOCKED!! I checked the fluids and again the fluids were unfilled, I told the guy and he felt bad about leaving my car unattended and unlocked, so he gave me a free mini car deatealing. I went back again to get my car serviced, my appointment was at 10am and I told the guy to please make sure he filled up my fluids, so he agreed and and I left, the time passed and then at 5pm I called to see what had happedned with my car, the guy told me that the service department was close, and so I explained to him that I had dropped off my car at 10am, and I needed to pick it up, he told me tha he was going to check, and it wasn't till 6pm that he called me to let me know that my car was ready, I was soooo upset because I needed my car!! It doesn't take 8 hours to get an oil change!!! so then I went to pick up my car, and the guy had lost my keys!! It took the guy about 15 mins to finally find my keys, so I went to check the fluids and realized that the mechanic had put WATER instead of windshield washer fluid!!!! I was very mad, then I callled the service manager, he wasnt there so I left a message with another guy, 3 days went by and I never received a call, so I called the service manager again and I told him about my ordeal, he told me that he was going to look at what had happened and he was going to call me back the next day. He never called, so then I called the corporation and explained my complaint, the guy said that he was going to talk to the manager, and call me back, again the guy never callled me back, so now I dont even know if they are actually doing the entire service right to my vehicle. PLEASE CHECK YOUR CAR AFTER SERVICE, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT DOING WHAT THEY SAY THEY DO!!!"
"Millennium Honda made me feel welcome the second I stepped foot in the showroom. I was attended to with a friendly, knowlegable, and helpful salesman named Adeleke. I was not left sitting for a long period of time like I was at other dealers. I felt very comfortable asking many questions and taking time making my decision of which car to buy. It was a very pleasant experience and I will return when it is time for my next car."