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"Michael is a great guy with excellent customer service. He did a great job in helping me find the perfect car that was suitable for me. I really had no idea what I wanted. He helped narrow down some of my options. I ended up leaving the place with a 2013 Honda fit sport. Best decision ever! I've had it for a year now and I have no regrets at all. If you're interested in buying a new car I highly recommend you to ask for Michael Javines as your sales consultant. "
" First off I'd like to start with the good. Okay since they are a Honda dealer you can take your Honda car there and they will usually have the all the parts it needs to get fixed same day. They have nice couches and an inside "restaurant". The staff is fairly nice. Not the best customer service but still ok enough...i'll tell you why in a second. Okay now the main problem is I caught them overcharging! Flat out fraud and I called them on it. They advertise their rate as $100 an hour but I was there for about 2 hours (maybe less) and was charged over $450. I called and emailed their customer service. The guy I spoke gave me a real bad feeling like he hated people. why are the wrong people always in customer service? I'm not saying he was rude because I could tell he was trying to be civil. I just could feel the hatred through the phone. He agreed to give $150 back. This is funny guys because they know they are in the wrong. If you advertise $100 an hour (which is at the highest end of auto repair) you can't charge $225 an hour. Really I should have gotten back $300 but since there was probably 2 people were working on it some of the time he said $150 even though the fair amount would have been $200 I accepted $150 back. I asked is it me or don't you get many calls about this. he said "we really don't get a lot of complaint." I believe that because most people don't check their bill. I just felt very suspicious the whole time and I don't know why. Did you ever get a bad feeling in your gut? that's what I had. also because the last 3 years each year I get it inspected they charge more and more which is very suspicious seeing I drive the car less than 1-2 thousand miles a year. I paid everything and when I got home was looking at my bill. It was then I noticed the repairs were $500 and change. First of all I know they markup all parts so if they buy it for $50 they 'll charge $75 or double . I don't know their exact markup but they markup everything. I 'm fine with that I know they are there to make a profit, but when I saw they were charging $225 per hour ($113 per hour if 2 people worked on the car THE ENTIRE 2 HOURS which you know they didn't) I was very upset, very grieved. They would already be making a boatload of cash from all the customers with their markup and $100/hr rate. Why grossly overcharge your customers? That is the best way to lose all of yoru loyal customers. I actually was satisfied with their service until last time but now i'll never return and I'm going to spread the truth about their fraudulent overcharging! This is criminal! Please if you go there check your bill and the labor rate and keep track of how long you were there! They also forgot to check everything I asked them to do. I had to ask them 3 or 4 times. very poor quality service! Their food and drinks suck too! I can make better food any day of the year in my kitchen! Come over i'll feed you for free! Thanks for reading if you made it this far! I'll be taking my Honda to my buddy who charges $60/hr or less who's got 30+ years as a mechanic with less of a markup on prices. He'll even throw in free services like free check engine (HONDA CHARGED ME $50) oil changes, tire rotations and small fixes I wo n't get charged 1 cent. My advice get in good with a local family owned mechanic and you'll be blessed! these dealer service centers only care about $ and not people! For those on minimum wage they would basically take about your whole weeks salary in 1 hour! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! Godbless "