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"I just bought my third car in eleven years from Honda owing mills. Don't know of a better way to review my satisfaction. I did have a bad time with Honda with my oddessy touring model eight years ago and I still think you owe me sixty dollars!"
"I took my 2002 Honda to the service department and asked them to fix the air conditioner and inspect the car. $3900 later my son and I arrive to pick it up. The inspection had been done but the windshield wipers were the same old shredded ones from before, the A/C and the door locks did not work, there was still no brake light and the front dash glass was broken. They gave us a legal inspection sticker with the car in this shape. The manager said he would 'make it right'. Well, my son picks up the car, the oil is over filled so we have to wait for them to drain some out. So much for going over it 'with a fine tooth comb'. When my son drives it, the steering goes out. It seems this high dollar Rack and Pinion that I had to have before the car could be inspected was bad. Funny we never noticed a problem with the steering before we went to Honda. I sent a copy of my email to Jason Greathouse, the Manager of the Service Department to Anthony Mena, listed as General Manager (I'm guessing of sales), and Dan Weiss the General Manager of Honda, guess they are not concerned about future sales because I did not receive so much as a return email. I wonder how the Department of Transportation feels about Honda placing inspection stickers on unsafe cars? Hopefully, they care more than the General Managers do."