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"My last car, a 2011 Fit Sport, was also from Tony, and it's the best car I've ever had or possibly ever will have. When we came into the market for a crossover, we originally went to Tony to check out the new HR-V. Woody was our salesperson that first time, and he was never pushy and very patient with our indecisive status then - we honestly weren't sure if we needed the HR-V, something bigger like a CR-V, or even just an upgraded Fit. He let us test drive the Fit and the CR-V, and I'm sure the HR-V would also have been an option if I'd wanted to try it. But again, he was just fine with the fact that we were still looking around. My husband also stopped in once on his own to do a test drive and ask about a vibration issue on the CR-V we'd been seeing reviews about; Woody actually took him over to the service center to talk to the personnel over there about it, and they acknowledged that it existed but was minor, and that only one CR-V purchased from Tony had reported that issue. To be honest, that problem was the only reason we kept waffling on our decision until this past Friday. So after a long month of debating options and checking out other crossovers, it really wasn't any surprise when we HAD to try the CR-V again, for our own sanity. Of course, we still wanted to work with Woody, and he got me to the perfect CR-V - right package, color, tech, everything. The fact that my husband loved it as well was a big deciding point. I'm sure he also had a good time chatting about pilot-related stuff while I enjoyed my test drive. Woody was straightforward about the cost, along with a Friends and Family deal, and negotiating was simple and productive, not a huge headache. That means a great deal to both of us. I can say that of Tony Honda as a dealership as well. We've been to many different dealerships, and none are as clear about the base costs of a vehicle BEFORE extra options as Tony. So many others try to tack on lots of little extras as part of the package when they're really optional, and that drives my husband crazy. Anyway, we owe a big thanks to Woody, and I am grateful to Tony Honda for both my wonderful Fit (seriously, the whole household loves that little orange jellybean; my baby daughter came home from the hospital in it in 2013) and the new CR-V that will surely become our new favorite. - Heather C"
"Me and my girlfriend Stacie came here shopping for her new car on Wednesday. We have been to several dealerships and test drove many cars. It was possibly the best buying experience ever and it wasn't even me buying the car. Our salesman Bob Wolf was terrific and very kind. Wasn't pressuring at all. We test drove the Honda Accord and it was such a nice car it made my want one myself. Bob gave us a good deal and my girlfriend left the lot a 30 mins later with biggest smile on her face. I will for sure be coming back to trade in my Kia for a honda. Hopefully bob can get me out of my current loan with kia that put me in a deep hole. thank you guys so much. and thank you bob for everything"