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Tishia Boldene
"Calvin has been my service manager since I've been going to premiere Honda the last 4 years! Always thinking about the customer first. He is also a very good listener. I can't forget about the technician who worked on my car on 8/18/2017, I don't know his name but my car is the 2012 Black Honda Accord. He was awesome to very fast and considerate of my time. The only complaint so have is the price went up. That was very disappointing! I used to pay $39.99 excluding tax this visit O paid $51.00 including taxes! Tishia Boldene"
"Caleb Tran and Chad Erwin renewed my faith that not all car dealerships are created equal. They are honest, professional, and dedicated to making each customer feel valued. Honda of Lincoln has always been known for their customer satisfaction and integrity. Caleb and Chad are obviously part of that success. First class treatment from the moment I walked through the door. Refreshing! "