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"To make a long story short I purchased a 2005 Odyssey and it has 197,000 miles on it now and has been experiencing problems since October of 2014. We have been through a series of issues but on Aug 29th 2015...the plan was just to bring the van in for service. After all "I LOVE my ODYSSEY". After my husband and I left the van, we began walking around the parking lot at the dealership looking at various vehicles, both new and used. Not long one of the sales representatives, Khaled, came out and asked us if we had any questions. Well, before I knew it we were test driving a CR-V EX which was the perfect color and only had 3300 ish miles on it on the used car lot. By the end of the day, we were the new owners of a CR-V. I know I will grow to love this vehicle as much as my Odyssey....but it gets even better. My Odyssey is now fixed and I still have it...it is just running like new again. Thank you for the excellent service on the Odyssey, Eldwin and Thank you for your patience in making the sale, Khaled. Now I can say, I love my HONDAs!"
"I was a little worried at first being that this was my first ' nice ' car I've ever bought, and from a dealership none the less. It took a little longer than i expected, but I'm gonna say that's a good thing. Buying a car is a big investment and it's important to understand what you are buying. Everything from the papers I signed, to the the features in the car itself was explained to me very thoroughly and with care. I felt that I was in good hands and that my new car will have a long life because of that. I will definitely come back as well as recommend this dealership! "