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"Everyone we worked with was both helpful and friendly. It was a pleasure doing business with Pumpkin. We will definitely be returning for our next vehicle. "
"Docked points for it not being detailed as promised. Bumper had a small crack that no one was aware of and the battery cover was missing plugs to hold it on. We saw this the day before I purchased and both were not completed or addressed when I went to pick it up. Makes me really question the rigorous 27 or 29 point inspection these vehicles go through before sale. When I asked about not the detail work the salesman stated the previous owners were so dirty this is as clean as it could get it. Which was a bit of a cop-out as I could easily run my finger through the cup holder and pick up the dirt. Corey was great and had it detailed the next day for free however I’m fairly certain it was just cleaned in the cup holders. I’ve had my car DETAILED before and makes the whole buying experience lackluster when you’re picking up a “new” used car that has to be cleaned/vaccuumed and washed. I will say they were great in accommodating my frustrations and set up an outside detailing company to wash and clean it. I ended up having a foreign car specialist completely inspect my car and it had dirty rear differential fluid tgat required a change but otherwise everything checked out. This helped alleviate some of my fear that I was being dupped. The situations that occurred with the bumper. The battery and very poor excuse for detailing made me lose trust but overall they were honest in selling me a good car so I’m pleased and I feel the sales team I worked with has potential to improve and build better trust with the buyer by being a little more thoughtful about words used and following through or seeing that others follow through with what is said. Thanks!"