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Lacy Newman
"I purchased my new Land Rover two months ago and they still haven’t sent me my plates. Jake from finance said they won’t send them until they receive our full down payment. This down payment is something we obviously paid for at the dealership, prior to leaving with the car. We used a debit card and their card processor. The funds left our account within minutes. Here we are, two months later, and they are still claiming they never received the funds. Jake called and asked us to send him proof that the funds left our account, so we did. He said that should be sufficient enough. Then, after still not sending our plates, he asked us to call the bank and see where they sent the money. My husband and I both called he bank separately and they told us they followed the money trail to Land Rover. We even tried to phone call in Jake with the bank but he was “busy.” After completing his second request, they still won’t send us our plates. They have apparently figured out that the money is stuck somewhere between the bank and their credit card company, which is out of my hands, yet they STILL wont send me my plates after we have repeatedly done what they asked of us. I should have never gone to this delearship and purchased this car. I regret it every day. "
"Minimal back and forth, good deal and honest/open. Extra effort given in getting the car ready. Enjoyable car buying experience. Quick / simple contract signing. "