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"I had been taking my 2001 Toyota Camry XLE to Broadway Toyota for service every year. Each time, an amazing woman would listen to my concerns, make very competent recommendations, and send me home on a shuttle so the mechanic could work on mt care without pressure. She always called me for authorization before proceeding with work, and she coordinated flawlessly so that I always got my car picked up on time and with no stress. This woman is Ronita, and I recommend that if you are new to Broadway Toyota;s Service Dept., seek her out and choose her for your main contact and advocate. You will find that Ronita is highly trained, very intelligent, and quietly friendly and helpful. We seem to have a running conversation that just picks up each time I see her, right where we left off last time. She amazes me with the new learning she has acquired since my last visit, and it is truly a joy to watch her continuously growing and getting even better at her job and at being a very good person. Ronita is a major reason that I keep on coming back to Broadway Toyota."
"Will differently be dealing with them again no hassle straight forward excellent transaction ken our sales rep was very nice and job well done we came from North Carolina and he made the whole deal smooth was very courteous ......thank you I'm one happy Lady "