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Tom M
"Palace Auto Sales displays all the worst stereotypes of used car dealers. I purchased a Toyota Highlander about a month ago . I noticed the power steering fluid was leaking about an ounce a day. I contacted Palace within a week about having that repaired under their 30 day warranty and was told no, they would not cover it. Now I know why, I just received an $2000 estimate to replace the entire steering system that Palace had masked over with gallons of black paint. In addition the mechanic found that Palace had also masked over severe corrosion on the underbody, and drivetrain, so I can expect those parts to begin failing soon also. My "gently used " Highlander is going to cost me an additional $5000 worth of repairs to get it into decent shape. What a bunch of crooks, I cannot warn you enough to not do business with them, you will regret it. On the bright side, they offer free copies of the Koran to everyone who enters. "
"Terry Helgerson takes good care of staff that help w/switches & mayself. He switches the license plates quickly and ensures we understand a new features of the Camry."