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"It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Lexi Zila. I would highly recommend Lexi as well as the dealership to friends and family...... Great communication. Very easy to deal with. "
"I just bought a used 2012 Camry and brought the car in for application of the "Magnashield" paint and interior protection service that I purchased with the vehicle. Ramon Mendoza was my service representative. He was efficient and very nice. Upon pick up of the car I was very frazzeled...had battled Christmas traffic to "make it" to the dealer before closing time. Had given myself what I thought was PLENTY of extra time, but due to horrific traffic, I arrived 4 minutes before the six o'clock closing time. Ramon was very calm and helpful as I raced into the service area. He calmly showed me where my car was located in the lot and assured me that "all was well." In addition, although I don't have her name, the woman working the car rental desk was extremely patient and helpful as well. Well done to Ramon and ALL the staff at Magnussen. You have a customer "for life.""