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"**This is an update to the original review below** After reading my review of Fort Bend Toyota, Jim Smith (Service Director) took it upon himself to contact me. This was in attempt to resolve my issue. He proved to be incapable of helping. I made an appointment with him the day after posting this review at 2PM in his office. Someone was in his office already. He quickly handed off the problem to one of his employees. A gentleman name Omar. I will give you a description as there are two that work there. He has short hair, well groomed, Hispanic. I didn’t take my own advice and I allowed Omar to help me. I should have requested Robert or Julie like I said but I trusted that Jim was setting me up with someone who could help. Omar was also not capable of helping. He “ordered” the part I needed and told me it would be ready within a week or two. This was April 8, 2017 I was comfortable waiting that amount of time. I waited well over a month and still hadn’t gotten a phone call from Omar to update me on the status of my warranty claim. So May 17,2017 after I couldn’t get Omar or Jim on the phone I drove up the Fort Bend Toyota. Turns out Omar didn’t order the part. In fact he lied to me. He nervously shuffled papers around on his desk. While refusing to make eye contact when speaking and said “I was just back there two days ago and it still didn’t arrive in. I don’t know man, it must be on back order or something.” I knew something in that statement wasn’t true. I’m not comfortable being lied to by anyone in the service industry. Certainly not when it comes to my car. I asked him to stop working on my warranty claim and give the job over to Julie. ” Omar agreed and that was the end of my contact with him. This was all on May 17, 2017. That day Julie called me to let me know she’s working on it. She’s good, I mean good. She got the part for my car in today May 24, 2017 just one week. As for Jim Smith… Any capable manager would have followed up with Omar that same day to make sure everything was ordered and taken care of. No… I take that back. Any capable manager would have taken care of it himself. **End of update to review, keep reading for original.** NEVER, NEVER, NEVER let Tuan help you. Tuan is horrible! No customer service skills at all. This would be a ONE star if it wasn't for Julie and Robert. Always ask the name of your service advisor. If the name is Tuan, request a new advisor. He will tell you that warranty services, are not covered under your warranty. I very nearly spent close to $2,000 on items covered under my warranty! Two grand, when I didn't need to spend a penny. I'm disgusted with the services I got from Tuan. The way he talked to me was as if I was a dog. My car was the doghouse. $30,000 doghouse. These are his words, "You HAVE to pay for this. There is nothing we can do for you unless you buy the parts and labor" Keep in mind these parts are covered under my warranty with NO deductible. I literally needed to pay nothing. As of the date of this review Tuan unfortunately still works at Fort Bend Toyota. So be careful! He is so bad. Just horrible. If you need to come here, request Julie, or Robert. You "can" request a specific advisor on the site and app. When you get there it is going to be first come first serve. No matter who you select, when you drive up it's first come first serve. When you get there this is what you need to say. "Hello I have a (appointment time) with Robert (or Julie) I will wait here until either person is available." Allow the person that approaches after that to introduce themselves. Julie and Robert are freaking amazing. No words can say how happy I am with those two. These are the only two people there that will care as much about your car as you do. I'm telling you, if they're not available, drive your car away! For the sake of your car, drive it away! Only Julie and Robert appreciate your investment. When it all comes down to it, you've invested a lot here. How can you trust someone to handle it properly, if they don't respect your investment? Don't dick your car around. Julie. Robert. No one else."
"My salesman, Rico, was fantastic. He listened to me and helped me find the car I needed without pushing his own agenda or upselling me on what I needed. I'd highly recommend this place to friends due to the perks and amenities that come with buying a car as well."