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"Rivera Toyota of Mount Kisco is different than most, if not all dealerships. The entire staff is super friendly and they are there to help you seek out the best car for your needs. They are not pushy, they explain every single aspect in great detail so that the consumer is crystal clear about the deal that they are getting. Rob Scalere helped me find my first car after graduating college. I had a 2003 Camry with 209,996 miles on it, so it was time for a new car! Rob was professional in every aspect. He was honest, down to earth, he understood my circumstances and was able to get me a great deal on the 2016 Camry sport. I highly recommend Rivera Toyota to anyone who is looking to buy or lease a new car. "
"Jean was great sales rep. Most other sales reps I've dealt with seem to hardly put in an effort to help you. I recently traded in my Tacoma for a Prius, and he did everything he could to get me the best prices on both the Tacoma and the Prius. He really does everything you can, unlike other dealers I've been negotiating with. The best part wasn't even the price, but the fact that Jean as well as his coworker Jacque (spelling?) were very upfront and honest from the get go. Unlike other dealers who wouldn't answer me directly and I had to try to pry them for information about how or why the pricing was such and such, these guys laid it all out and answered any questions I had with a direct answer. They came in way better than the other dealers I've looked at. "