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Cat and Josh Colley
"After a very frustrating and disappointing afternoon of car shopping, we took a chance and stopped in at Wilsonville Toyota-Scion, expecting a similar experience. Much to our surprise, we were pleasantly greeted by Corey White, a chipper and genuinely friendly young salesman, who treated us more like old friends than the random car buyers that we were. Corey quickly assessed our needs, and unlocked several Toyota Highlanders for us to sit in. He asked if we were aware of the "No Bull" motto of the dealership, which we weren't, and explained the process to us with enthusiasm and true commitment to the "brand" of the dealership. (This was very refreshing!) Initially, we had been interested in purchasing a used Highlander, and probably would have had we not been introduced to one of the 2016 models. Corey was so knowledgeable about the Highlanders, past and present, which quickly convinced us that we were at the right dealership. After a stress-free test drive, Corey brought out one of the new Highlanders to show us the difference between the 3 year old model we were testing and the changes that had been made to enhance the 2016s. It was a great comparison! Soon Corey asked us about what we were looking for in this car buying experience and what he could do to make that experience more fulfilling. We had a specific pricepoint/budget that we wanted to stay within since it had been some time since we had had a vehicle payment. After we checked online for other Highlanders, we found one that we felt we should take a look at in another town. Corey asked if he could check on the vehicle for us, and we agreed. He made some phone calls and came back to us with the "No Bull" pricing which brought the price of the vehicle down to considerably less than we could have ever negotiated at the other dealership! At that moment, we decided we weren't going anywhere else and would finalize the purchase right then and there. Corey was FANTASTIC! We had some very specific wants for our new Highlander and he went out of his way to check on a few of the details (roof rails or cross bars, specific color choice, interior color and material, etc.). From the moment we walked onto the dealership lot, to the moment we walked out as new Highlander car owners, 2 1/2 hours had lapsed. AMAZING! We have never spent less than 4 hours purchasing a car, so this was icing on the cake! Corey was with us, start to finish. He handled all of our finance paperwork, vehicle warranty processing, title/registration documentation, EVERYTHING! All that was left to do was pick up our new car. This had to happen the following day since the other dealership had closed earlier than Wilsonville Toyota-Scion. Since we couldn't return to pick up our vehicle until Monday (purchase made on a Saturday) Corey kept us informed via phone calls and texts. On Monday morning, Corey called to say he was inside our new car and driving it back to Wilsonvile Toyota-Scion. He sheepishly asked if we wanted to know how many miles the new car had on it when he picked it up and said "1.2!" Lowest miles EVER! :) That evening we brought the family up to pick up our beautiful new Highlander. Corey had even spent his own time waxing the hood of the car to make sure it was perfect when we arrived. It was! He spent a little more time going over the special features of the vehicle, making sure we knew what we were working with. All the while mentioning "You can call or text me with any questions you have. I'm here to help whenever you need it." Not only was Corey attentive, knowledgeable, and helpful, he has a great memory! He addressed both of our kids by name, and even joked with our daughter about enjoying the truck we passed down to her, but to come see him when she was ready for her first Toyota. (That information was shared with him when we were test driving a couple days before!) *** One important detail that deserves its own highlight is the LICENSE PLATES. Wilsonville Toyota-Scion is the only dealership we have worked with that already has plates ready to go when you buy a new car. No waiting or driving around with temporary tags. What a great added touch to an already stress free car buying process. *** Overall, this was a fantastic experience. Corey is a solid example of the dealership's "brand" and "vision/mission". He truly turned our car buying experience into something that we would easily do again, without hesitation. We would even call it "special"- special in a good way! This may have been our first car buying experience with Wilsonville Toyota-Scion but it won't be our last! Thank you Corey White, you are a gem!"
"I was looking for a truck but not sure model or the package. Josh Bruce was the guy to help with that and the trade-in. I was very pleased with the way everything was taken care of with that part and the easy and helpful process in Finance. Thanks to all that made this an easy and pleasant experience. "