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"The staff come together as one team to provide everything they can to get you what you are looking for. The day before I walked into Jaguar I was told and shown by another dealership I had a credit score that was significantly lower than I knew it was. Because of this score I was told that I would need $20,000 down on a $50,000 car loan. So I sadly was going to settle with a $30,000 car only putting $10,000 down. On my way to put my payment down and sign paperwork I stopped into The Jaguar Land Rover of Bellevue dealership to test drive one of my favorite cars, and needless to say I quickly feel in love with the F-Type. When I discussed my situation the sales team worked with the manager to take control of all my possible options. I was told the Credit score the previous dealer gave me was the lowest score rated by FICO, my actual score was 50pts higher than what the previous dealership presented to me. This reason was so I would put more money down with higher interest rates. With 6pulls of credit from Maserati vs the 3pulls from Jaguar, I only wish I had come to them before! I walked out of Jaguar Land Rover of Bellevue the next day with a loan of $70,000 and only $10,000 down on a brand new 2018 Car. Much better than a $30,000 used grandma car from Maserati! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! "
"I walked in confused not sure what I want but he went out of his way to let me see whatever I wanted with out no pressure He is an Amazing guy, very helpful, understanding & knows what he’s doing. Norma was great as well!! "