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"Took motor home for repair said it would take 2 or 3 months going on 9 months still don’t have it. 2 months ago said windshield was going in on Tuesday it’s still not in Been lied to over and over. "
"Don’t trust Blake Utter Ford - They’re thieves! They charged me $539 for a replacement BCM they’ll be reimbursed for by AM General anyway since it’s a RECALLED part! IOW, Blake Utter collects TWICE for same part - ONCE from me & AGAIN from AM General INCLUDING labor! And they act as if they did me a favor not charging me for BCM-related labor that AM General will reimburse them for anyway! And the new BCM isn’’r even in my vehicle - it never worked at all, much less fix my taillight issue! The mechanic tried to fix the replacement BCM by flashing it, but couldn’t since it was security locked, so he flashed & reinstalled the original BCM. Of course, they’ll already be reimbursed by me AND AM General REGARDLESS if the replacement is defective, so they didn’t bother sending it back to AM General. AFTER this, the mechanic did replace the LED taillights w/halogen lights so I could legally drive it & charged 1 hour labor, but after the fact, per AM General this voids my warranty on related electrical unless I pay ~$800 + labor to reinstall LED taillights. What a mess! "