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"Had my truck towed in on Saturday that I had just purchased from Knapp three weeks prior. It is a used Truck and I am not upset at knapp for the mechanical failure. However the following FRIDAY I was informed that they still haven't even looked at the Truck. All week I found it hard to reach my service guy Rick Braquet who rarely answers his calls, text, or emails. And when Rick would answer he'd lie and say they'd get to it this afternoon or tomorrow first thing. Theses tales started Monday evening. Yes by Friday I'm pretty frustrated. Would have definitely preferred an honest conversation. Definitely wouldn't recommend Knapp service center to anyone."
Donna L Smart
"irst off I was told to drop my car off Thursday night and mine would be looked at first thing in the morning, noon rolls around no call as to what's going on with my car so I call to find out what's going on..some guy answeres the phone was very rude then told me he didn't know where it was he'd have my advisor call me when he found them (he didn't even bother to look in the system or anything)...3 hours go by still no call from anyone..finally around 4 the mechanic matt called me to tell me what they found wrong with my car, he was a very nice and helpful gentleman!very respectful and helpful..however I was not told about the tax return deal that was going on (which would have been nice to know) the loaner car if you spend $299 in repairs..I spent $1200 and I could have used a loaner for work,instead I had to take off and I was without my car for 3 and a half days due to it being in yalls shop.. but again no one told me about this offer..I found out about it from a flyer when I went in to pay and pick my car up. I also received my car with no oil in it..I had a major oil leak that had to be fixed..I get the car and absolutely no oil in it what so ever..one would think since I had a major oil leak that was being fixed they'd put more oil in it before they gave it back to me to drive off with (seems like yall want my car to have more issues) all of the other stuff that I had fixed seems to be fine expect I still have a squeaking sound when I break..all in all this was a mediocre experience, you have rude people working there and they need to start informing people of the promotions."