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"do not disclose information bout vehicles structure damage auctions and rentals and overpricing cars i plan to sue just bad business i will never go back"
"Seriously, having cancer was a better experience than this. From pressure tactics to get me in the car to repairs they PROMISED me they'd fix and never did, I regret having ever gone to them. I bought my 2010 Equinox from there last weekend of May, it is now mid Sept and it has been in their shop over half that time. Rust they promised to fix and after repeated trips, still haven't fully fixed. A noise in the right front wheel that took THREE trips for them to fix, hopefully. Loaners not ready when promised, not getting ANY calls on parts ordered or repairs being finished, being told the car IS ready to drive in and find the problems still exist. And as I write this, while maybe the noise is gone, now my alignment is off. Who tears apart the front wheel assembly and not run a car through for alignment when done? If I had no life, I would actually picket them right now. The car, after a home inspection, had a license plate light out, bad wipers, transmission issues, grinding sounds in the wheel, an oil change required (oh, which they nicely counted as my first oil change so it was free) I'm not lying, cancer was better...."