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"This is going to be a long one. I have been dealing with Lawton Chrysler Jeep Dodge for several months now and while I have interacted with several nice people, I have been told several conflicting stories, outright lies, and many phone calls have gone unanswered or unreturned. When I began my truck search in Dec 2014, I kept coming back to a 2011 Silverado listed at Lawton Chrysler Jeep Dodge but didn't go look at it as it was about 3 hours away, I ended up speaking to several people at the dealership multiple times trying to decide if the drive was worth it. The first salesman I spoke to was named Mike (I think). He assumed I wouldn't know better and fed me all types of lines about the truck. I decided I was not interested and told him I would keep looking. I was then contacted by a female, Rebecca, and she seemed very nice and knowledgeable about the vehicle. After speaking with Rebecca a few times, I decided to go ahead and make the drive to look at the truck around the first of January. I went to check their website one more time to look at the truck and it was gone. I confirmed with the dealership that it was sold and continued my search elsewhere. About 2 weeks later, it reappeared on their website. I contacted Rebecca over text and she stated they had been remodeling their website as they were under new ownership and the truck appearing as sold was just a glitch. I tried calling her to speak with her about it and was unable to reach her. The dealership ended up putting me in contact with their Used Car Manager. I don't remember his name but he seemed pretty knowledgeable. He told me the truck actually disappeared off the website because it was sold but there was some type of financing issue and the dealership ended up getting it back. He reassured me that nothing was wrong with the vehicle and nothing had been damaged while it was "purchased".He also took some information about the 05 Nissan Titan I was looking to trade in and told me they would give me $4000-6000 for it, with $4000 being for a vehicle that was damaged and in poor shape. I spoke to him on Friday, January 30th, and made an appointment to come down the next day to meet with him to see the vehicle. We ended up arriving to the dealership about an hour before my appointment the next day and were told the Used Car Manager was unavailable and were put with Brittany instead. Brittany was very friendly and got the vehicle pulled up right away. Upon looking at it, we noticed there was a giant crack covering over half of the windshield and the spare tire was on the vehicle. When we inquired about these issues, we were told that the vehicle came in with the crack, even though no one had mentioned it on any of my previous contacts, and that there was a small issue with the tire that should have been on it that the service department was currently repairing. I decided to go ahead and test drive the vehicle with the impression the tire would be remounted as soon as we got back and the spare would be put away. When we got back to the dealership, we were told the wheel actually was damaged and that the service department hadn't gotten around to fixing it before they closed and locked it up. When I told Brittany that I wanted to see the damage and have it fixed before we left, she brought in an older male to speak with me. He stated they could not get the wheel and tire out now but that they would get it fixed and have it in the mail to me Monday evening. The price was good enough on the vehicle that I decided to purchase it with the condition the wheel would get fixed and mailed to me, we even signed paperwork stating as much. I was told I would be called as soon as the tire was shipped and provided with a tracking number. Monday evening rolled around and I never heard from Brittany so I contacted her Tuesday and was told it had been shipped but she was unable to provide a tracking number. Wednesday afternoon I was contacted by someone at the dealership and told he was getting ready to ship my tire but he needed to confirm my address, which was incorrect. Luckily, he got it corrected and sent me the tracking number. Upon receiving the wheel on Friday, it looked great and we couldn't find anything wrong with it. I took it to have it checked out and mounted the following week. The tire shop said it appeared to be in good condition and put with on my truck. I made the 12 mile drive back to my house then looked it over myself. I discovered a 4in long gash near the center of the wheel and a 1/2in one on the edge with a sticky/gummy residue inside them. Luckily, it was just cosmetic but since I was told it would be repaired, I wanted it repaired correctly. I contacted Brittany and was told she was off work and to contact the manager, Garry. I tried calling him several time over the course of the next 3 or 4 days and was never able to reach him. I tried contacting Brittany again to tell her that and never got in touch with her either. Since it was cosmetic, I gave up on contacting anyone until received an email from the dealership in the middle of March. The email requested that I go to several review sites and post reviews about my experience. My friends and family had been urging me to post my negative experiences with the dealership since I started having issues and I had been refraining. But I decided to reply to the email, stating that the wheel was repaired incorrectly and no one had returned my calls. A couple days later, on March 27th, Sonny called me. He said he was the new owner's son and they wanted to get things corrected. After talking to him about the situation, he told me a local machine shop had actually welded the wheel to repair it so I would need to contact them about getting to it fixed again. He told me that if the dealership had repaired it, he would just send me a new wheel but since it was sent out, he couldn't take care of it. He also said that if for whatever reason, the machine shop couldn't take care of it, to call him back. Because of scheduling conflicts, it took me 2 weeks to get in touch with the machine shop. Finally, on April 8th, I spoke to someone at the shop and he said he didn't think they would have repaired it but I needed to talk to Pat. Pat called me back the next day and we talked about it and he also stated he didn't think he worked on it but he would need to see it to tell. Because of the distance, I ended up texting him a picture and he confirmed that they couldn't have fixed it as they would not have been able to weld anything on my 20in chrome wheels, nor would they have used any putty or glue or anything to just fill the gashes. So I tried contacting Sonny again. After talking to the very nice receptionist several times and her taking several messages, I still haven't heard from him and it's been over a week now. While some of the people I have dealt with have been nice, I would not recommend using this dealership or believing anything they tell you. I will say that the finance guy I worked with was very nice, I secured financing elsewhere and he was very straightforward and did not try to push anything on me. "
Frito Lay
"Travis is simply the best! I couldn't be happier with how professional and honest he was with me throughout my car buying experience. Everything that I asked for was delivered and then some! I will be coming back here to buy my wife's car."