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Mathew Herr
"Do not buy a car from Dye!!! I purchased a truck 2 months ago from them and they talked me into the extended warranty since I was buying a truck with turbos and this would cover the turbos. THE DAY AFTER I BOUGHT THE TRUCK THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT TURNED ON. I of course called and they said to bring it in. Well the light turned off the next day and they told me not to worry about it that it was probably nothing and they could not diagnose the issue unless the light was on. Well the light turned on and off a few times over the next month but went off before I could take it in. Finally I took my truck in with the light on to a different dealership and both of my turbos are bad. I have $3k worth of work and the "turbo warranty" they sold me is only covering 1/3. Dye auto sold me a truck that had an issue when I drove it off of the lot and I find it hard to believe they did not know the issue existed. Not only will they not stand behind the product but wont stand behind the warranty they sold me as well. This is one of those dealerships that you have nightmares about where they are xxxx that are selling a defective product and not willing to stand behind it. I would not recommend that anyone purchase a car or truck from the shady Dye auto "
"I'm very satisfied with the service I received and would definitely tell my loved ones to buy at Off Lease Only. Claude, Albert and Guesly Thank you. I really aporeciate all the help! See you soon again for my sister."