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"A month ago I took my 2013 Optima in for service and to have the parking lights fixed. The parking lights were out on both sides. After having my car for two days, the parking lights were still out. After having 2 different service department employees also check to verify that the lights were infact still inoperable...the mechanic changed the bulbs. One month later I am in the service depatment again...the right side headlight is out...according to KIA I was in a car accident or something....I had someone else work on the car....and of course my extended warranty covers nothing....KIA of Carson will rip you off if you let them "
Kaye Strange
"I went into Mullinax just to browse and get an idea of what I wanted and had the pleasure of meeting a young salesman, Zach Jones. I was not interested in purchasing just yet as I wanted to shop around some more. The salesman impressed me so much that I went ahead a purchased a used car. He was knowledgeable and patient and I didn't feel rushed."