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GV80 guy
"A great experience from start to finish. Faizan, my sales person, was courteous, knowledgeable, efficient, and kind. Kevin, the manager was courteous and helpful. Offer on used vehicle was over 15% higher than other dealers. Not much wiggle room on new car prices in today's environment, so that part of the deal was easy. There was the standard upsell by the finance person, who was very nice and efficient. Clean, attractive dealership with exceptional staff. I recommend highly."
"I am very disappointed w/ Genesis of Towson (G of T). I’ve been searching online for weeks for one of the highest demand vehicles and finally found one available. It was at G of T and when I called they told me it was available. I wanted to come next day but they said they couldn’t g’tee it wouldn’t be sold and they are open until 9pm, implying I needed to get in as fast as possible (I live 90 minutes away). So, my wife and I rescheduled our day so we could go immediately. I informed G of T of this, said I would be there in 2 hours max, and requested they ensure the vehicle would be available to purchase. They said they “had the key”. I was 20 minutes from the dealership when they called to tell me someone just walked in and is looking at the vehicle to possibly purchase and they would have priority over me. I know this is an unprecedented seller’s market but this was your opportunity to help lose the reputation that many people have of dealerships are “shady” actors. Considering dealerships have practically zero risk of moving almost the entirety of their inventory quickly, not to mention this vehicle which is in such high demand, there was absolutely no reason to NOT give me the courtesy of informing that other person that a customer is on the way in and has priority. Adding “market adjustments” (a subtle phrase for price gouging) and not giving that courtesy to me only serves to promote more disdain and “shady” characterizations for car dealerships."