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" The staff is friendly and the facility is terrific. In the staging area there is a planter in a concrete container with a very sharp corner. Opening my door resulted in a ding in my door because of the location of the planter. I would definitely rethink this positioning."
"We brought our 330ci in for replacing driver side airbag and new country had for two days . After calling to let us know work was complete I picked the vehicle up and was again told it was replaced . BMW corporate kept sending us a letter stating that our 330ci needed the airbag replaced . I took it to new country service and inquired as to why BMW keeps contacting us and they looked up our service record and told me the airbag was never replaced ! They stated that only the passenger side was replaced and I questioned them as to why I was told that they were both replaced . I asked them since they knew it wasn't replaced why hadn't they contacted me directly . They always send me a qtly mailing for standard service . They had no explanation other than to say , well your here now . My wife is on blood thinners for life as a result of a massive pulmonary embolism. This oversite by new country could have ended her life if she was involved in an accident. We are not happy and let BMW corporate know of our very negligent new country service dept ."