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"The service department was very accommodating, however i found they did not keep older records which delayed the overall service."
Dune D
"Subject: Nitrofill, at Point of Sale It comes as no surprise that BMW of Bloomfield adds a $300 "Add-On" fee for inflating the customers' tires with Nitrogen, especially when reading the many nagative reviews from disenchanted customers. Let's contemplate this dilemma for a moment....... Is the Dealership deflating all 4 tires of the vehicle about to be sold in order to replace that unknown air with Nitrogen? And, let's ask this question...... with a BMW being sold at the dealership, would not those tires already be inflated with Nitrogen or, was there an exception made only for those vehicles being sold in order to justify re-inflating those same tires with "newer" Nitrogen? Regardless of the 1 yr "Nitrogen Guarantee", it would appear that the Dealership has only responded by maintaining..."we add this fee on to all invoices...". That, unto itself serves no purpose nor does it answer the aforementioned questions. In a court of Law, I dare say that the true answer would, indeed, be stated."