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"I had a rocky start with Flemington Subaru but it eventually turned around. I started working with Joe I. and it seemed like it’d be easy to work with him but it ended up being difficult because I was up front with what I was looking for and with what I said but he hardly listened (like “I won’t have access to my phone between the hours of 11 am and 2:30 pm. Please call me prior to 11 or anytime between 2:30 and 4:30” but he called me multiple times between 11 and 2:30; even stated the day and time of when I’d pick up the car). I was supposed to pick up my car Wednesday September 13, 2017 but it wasn’t ready. Matt and sales manager Rick were under the impression (of Joe I’s) that I’d be signing paperwork in regards of placing a deposit on the vehicle. I had told them that I explicitly told Joe I that I’d be picking up the car around 9:30 on September 13, 2017. Poor Matt and Rick had to run around, get paper work ready and have a few staff members prepare the car for me. Because of the mess up on Joe I’s side, I ended up being late to work and lost half a day’s pay! I asked that I only work with Matt and Rick moving forward because they were on the ball and made sure they kept me in the loop when it came to updates on how long it’d be before I got the car. I went to the dealership yesterday to ask Matt a question in regards of the car I purchased and he was super friendly and easily had the answer. Rick came over to say hello and remembered my name. It felt really nice to have two employees like them to make sure that I was taken care of, how the car was driving……they offered their services if I had any questions and provided me with business cards. If you’re looking to purchase a car – whether it’s new or a certified pre owned - go see Matt Hoppe and Rick Hungerford. Great guys, friendly and super respectful; they treated me as an equal even though I know very little about cars. "
Jason Borean
"I came to NWMS with a tall order... bad credit and a high ratio... They did their best to get me into a deal that was in my budget and met my needs. Saving me from having to settle for a lower quality car that may have caused me problems down the road. It was very personal... they got on the phones with real people and worked with more than just the numbers that represented me on paper. Come in prepared with reasonable expectations and NWMS will go to work for you."