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Marie Mills Center
"Marie Mills Center, Inc., located in Tillamook, Oregon, would like to thank Royal Moore Subaru for their thoughtful assistance. Our organization assists disabled adults, and we were hoping to locate a quality vehicle which would meet our specific needs at a particular price point. The staff at Royal Moore was very courteous, and our overall experience was positive throughout the process. The Subaru Legacy we purchased will provide excellent winter travel safety for our clients and staff, which was high on our list of criteria. Again, many thanks to everyone at Royal Moore Subaru. Bob Ouzounian"
"Matt took the time to explain and show us the different Subaru's that we were inquiring about. He was not the least bit pushy. We were just researching on the first day that we visited Wilde Subaru. We were very thankful that Matt was there to take care of us. A few days later we went back to Wilde and Matt stayed late to take care of us again. It was a good experience. Thank you Matt! We ended up purchasing a 2015 Subaru Forester. I didn't rate quality of work because we bought a car....we didn't service a car."