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"You expect to walk into a dealership with your guard up and wait for dollar signs to flash in your dealers eyes. NOT HERE. We were greeted by a patient, exceptionally nice, family man named Carlos Otero. He went way above and beyond any dealer we had dealt with on that-way too long- weekend of car shopping. Even Mark, one of the managers, was very friendly and straightforward. We never felt slighted, cheated or like we were in the dark on anything! They wanted to make sure we were happy even if we didn't buy a car from them. Their facility was pristine AND dog friendly. The staff is kind and helpful. We drove away with a full tank of gas and a few gracious add-ons to our beautiful 2008 outback and could not have been happier. After going for a road trip and enjoying our car around town for a few weeks, the darn thing got stuck in first gear! We were terrified of the inevitably outrageous estimate we would get to diagnose and fix the car up in Flagstaff(home) so we called the superstore for answers. Not only did Subaru Superstore of Chandler look at the transmission, but they sent us a loaner car for the time being, ordered a broken pin, fixed her up good(thank you Kevin!) and for not a single penny. No joke. Not a penny. Once again, we could not be happier!"
"I had a wonderful and quick experience with Karen. We interacted via email for several weeks before we met. She was very informative and straight to the point. She was not pushy and she accommodated my schedule. She came in early in order to work with me, which I greatly appreciate. I highly recommend Karen. "