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Leisha "Happy Customer"
"Steve was beyond helpful through our car buying process. He took the time to explain everything to us. I am especially happy because this was our first Subaru and I had a lot of questions. Not only was he accommodating to my husband and myself, but also to our children which made the process go even smoother. We felt no pressure at all and very comfortable with our interactions with all the employees. Steve gave us a lot of suggestions on how to fully utilize the various features of our new Subaru. We had a wonderful experience and very satisfied with our decision of our purchase with Russel Automotive on Baltimore national Pike. I would not only recommenced Steve, who was an exceptional employee, but also the location."
"I recently purchased a new Forester from Bob Baker Subaru. Everything seemed to be going great until it came time for them to deliver the vehicle ON the promised date. They had the vehicle in stock, but they didn't have the staff to prepare the car to be released since it was just delivered from the factory and it was Memorial Day. When I asked what they would do to compensate me for the extra day that I would have to wait for the car and arrange other transportation, their original answer was "nothing". When I asked to speak to a manager, the guy who solid it to me Yong Shin (AKA Yoshi) said "They [the managers] are busy making other sales right now, and the deal didn't have enough meat on the bone for them to do anything special for me anyway." I find that a little hard to believe considering the car cost $33,000. After finally, speaking to a manager, BB Subaru apologized for their error in the projected delivery date and even delivered a loaner car to make up for the day that I would have to go without a vehicle- and it didn't completely suck. They set me up with a Hybrid Prius, which won't be bringing in the ladies, but at least I have enough gas to drive to New York and back. All in all, the service was friendly and patient while we purchased the car. My only complaint at this point was being initially dismissed by the management when I tried to resolve the conflict."