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"I am disabled and I have been completely defrauded and taken advantage of lied to and robbed by a salesman at this dealership. I have receipts, car faxes, warranty work, and I even had to get full coverage insurance on the car. I have over 200 text messages from this salesman of this horrible ordeal of lies. The car did not even exist with them, the whole thing is a scam. Yet I can't get this resolved with the company. I am disabled and this has caused me to have a nervous breakdown. I have tried everything to solve this. I also was asked for my drivers license number to give to the top insurance agent they work with. Now I am having to change my DL fraud alerts and all sort of stuff. This is destroying my life and they know I am disabled. The salesman played upon my disability. The owner said he would work this out with me, yet its been almost six weeks since this started and I have been without a car. I'm not rich, I wasn't born with money. I'm disabled and six weeks without a car is destroying me. On top that I have been robbed, defrauded of $4,800.00 . I have tried to be nice in everyway possible and I am trying to get help. "
Nick 1993
"Robert is not like any other salesman in that he is very honest and straight forward. I bought a 2016 WRX Limited from Robert recently & can't be more pleased with the whole experience I received. While waiting for F&I and talking with him, you can tell Robert is very genuine and sincere . I would not hesitate to refer friends and family to him as well. "