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"I was looking for a SUV family and work trips. The assistance with purchase and trade was great and I highly recommend this dealership. I am happy with the service."
"Purchasing my new lease was such a breeze. I have a newborn at home that I am strictly nursing. Saun was completely understanding and made sure to have all the paperwork ready so that when I came into the dealership, it wouldn't be long before jumping into my vehicle and driving back home. When we first started shopping, Saun was very informative and seemed to have our best interest at heart. Whether we chose an Infiniti or another Make, it seemed that he tried his best to give us all options, and we respect that. He was never pushy and was actually more on the relaxed side (not typical for a sale rep). He followed up with just the right about of texts and phone calls. Saun also followed up after we purchased to see if we had any further questions and to see how we liked the vehicle. The entire experience was wonderful and I would recommend him to anyone who is shopping for an Inifiniti...and looking for someone honest, patient, understanding, and caring."