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"John was wonderful. He was patient, professional, kind, and really cared. I HIGHLY recommend him, and I would definitely purchase a vehicle from him again. He never pressured me, and he gave me exactly what I asked for. I hope you get a raise. Thank you for everything. Strong work, John! John gets a 5 star. Everyone was so pleasant. Spoke with Chris, Gaylord, and Will also. Really strong team at Volvo. Enjoyed visiting with Gaylord. He really seems like he enjoys his job and seems happy to be there. He exerts positive energy which is important at a dealership. Will was great to work with as well. He spent a lot of time and effort explaining extended warranty, ECP, etc and he even worked with me for several days after I purchased my Volvo. Thanks Will! "
"Park Place Volvo of Dallas had a great selection of cars to choose from. Brian Marsh was one of the best sales people I have had for anything I have purchased. His information delivery was comprehensive and easy to understand. He was thoughtful and very patient to answer multiple questions many times over. No pressure buying experience. "