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Sharyl Mueller
"My Volvo has visited a few dealers in her time, she's 10 years old and I can honestly say that the Chattanooga Volvo dealership is in a league of its own because it is so amazing. This team is so nice they squeezed in a check of my Volvo when she was sputtering. I didn't even have an appointment. Then they offered me warm chocolate chip cookies! After they looked at my car the service manager and mechanic we're both kind enough to explain what they found. The service manager even called around to find me best price on the parts I needed. These guys did not pressure me one bit about having the work done at their shop nor buying a new car. Then to top it all off these amazing men did not charge me. My Volvo has been looked at in Augusta and in Atlanta and both times I paid more than $100 to have it seen. So you can see why I believe Volvo of Chattanooga is in a league of its own they treat you like family and I hope to buy my next Volvo with them because I trust them."
Les Sahr
"Phil's knowledge and experience helped to make this deal possible. He was willing to work with me and listen to my request. This has been an extremely positive experience - thanks to Phil and the Cardinale team."