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"Oil changed service performed, next day I noticed my car started leaking fluid which was determined it was coolant and they replaced water pump. The air filter was dirty and it was replaced as it was noted and printed on my receipt. When I pickup my car for the second time my check engine came on, first I called and left a message for the service advisor-no call back. I made appt online and I got charge $180 for finding "hose from air cleaner to valve cover off, reinstalled, cleared code." More to this story but I will end my review here. I will write a letter to the GM and post more complaints online. I will never buy another vehicle related to Cadillac/GMC due to overall customer disatisfaction. Thank you for taking time to read. "
"As of November 16,2016 this is what my car look like after dropping it off for an OIL CHANGE and other CONCERNS!! The advisor let me know that they were behind so I would not get my car right back , he also informed me they had to do a 3 point inspection. A week or so later I received a call addressing my concerns, he informed me that the extended warranty company would not cover the issues with my car as usual so I agreed to pay for the oil change, service air bag alert. More time went by I began to wonder when I’m going to get my car. I called the dealership for two days (Tuesday-Wednesday) trying to speak with my advisor. My calls were being transferred to voicemail nor were they ever returned.. Finally on Thursday tried calling again letting the advisor know I was ready to pick up my car. He asked why and was something wrong with loaner? I assured him everything was fine that I was just ready for my car. He told me my car was not ready that they were working on one of my concerns that the extended warranty company never agreed to pay for nor did I. So I was told he would call as soon as my car was ready but it shouldn’t be much longer... On November 5th I received a call from the advisor about my car.. He stated that he had bad news.. The first thing came to mind is that they found something wrong with the car. The advisor stated that the technician had an accident over the weekend Saturday (November 3) in my car during a test drive. With that being the only information that was given, I later found out it was all a lie!!! My car was not in a accident over the weekend, it was on November 1st! The technician was 5 blocks away, joy riding on lunch break in my car from the dealership, hit a pole to avoid hitting a cyclist , which that part I still don't believe!!! No one want to own up to this huge mistake!!! NO ONE called (managers , advisor , receptionist technicians etc) when the accident happen up until today! I didn’t receive any phone calls, any apologies , any police reports, absolutely nothing. Everybody is hiding behind their desk passing this issue to all the wrong people!!! I was promised a call from the General Manager, it NEVER happened. The only thing I was told is that they would fix my car and that I had to take it back , and if I didn't it would be between myself and the finance company !!! This is absurd !! Who does business like this! PS: DO NOT PURCHASE A CAR FROM RICK SANCHEZ!!!!!!!! "