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Cadillac Service Center Reviews

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"The service staff at this location are just great. I point out JT the rep who services my Cadillac as a JT prime example of what a customer expects from a service rep. I recently went to this dealership to have my air filter changed. JT had me to to the parts dept and purchase it and while I was in the process of making the purchase he came to the parts dept with my old filter in hand and told me sir ,you dont need to change this filter ,this one is still clean. I ask you how many would have done that , most would have just sold me the part . However JT seemed more concerned about me wasting money that making a sale and a service ,this I call honesty in service hard to find these days."
Carole 5913
"Service is wonderful. People are knowledgeable.comfirtable waiting area. Do think the car wash can be greatly improved! Like having coffee available while waiting for service. "