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"First, you should know that I have been servicing my RX300 - Rx350's at this dealership since 2000. Tony Cesario, my current service consultant, has been superb since he came on board - I trust him implicitly. That said, I had a 7am appointment on Monday, 8/13, because I had a full schedule that day. When I arrived at the dealership at 6:50 am, the gates were still closed. The individual who came to open the gates advised me that the dealership did not open until 8am that day and that I should return in an hour. Consequently, I drove 20 minutes to our Homer Glen home, waited and drove another 20 minutes back to the dealership. Of course, my car was serviced at the end of all those who had scheduled 7am service. Tony was rightfully disgusted with what had transpired and informed the service manager. Nevertheless, rather than getting in and out for a tire rotation, I ended up leaving the dealership after service about 9:40 am and had to reschedule the rest of my day, postponing some appointments until Tuesday. I have to wonder about dealer training of personnel Bill Renner"
"The service at Racine Toyota did not disappoint. Dale (mechanic) and the young man (Joel) who when out of his way to schedule two of my cars in for service on the same day were great. Thanks!"