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"Drove 3+ hours to buy a 2014 CPO MDX and the sales part of it was fantastic. Unfortunately, I ran into some hiccups finalizing the finance part of it, which is where Rene was phenomenal. I came with a pre-approval from my credit union, but things got complicated because it was a Saturday and trying to work with the credit union staff on the weekend was "challenging" to put it mildly. Rene worked tirelessly for 2 hours trying to figure out a solution so I could drive away that day with the MDX and still use the credit union I got pre-approved for (which was nice because he didn't get pushy about trying to use one of their lenders and I definitely didn't want to have to drive back again). He even told the credit union he would go out on a limb and give them a few days to transfer the funds to the dealership as long as they had a copy of the cashiers check they could fax him, which I know was a big deal for him to offer since it essentially puts blind trust into a stranger to "promise" to send the money. Well, long story short, after about 2+ hours of this, I recognized the difficulties he was trying to manage, so I ended up applying for a loan through Honda/Acura. Turns out it actually was a win-win for everyone! They were able to give me an even better rate, Rene had an easier job with the paperwork, and the credit union didn't have to go through all of the work to process the loan and get a cashiers check then send it during the week! Really shows how hard Rene worked to try and provide customer service, because even though it was vastly easier to use a preferred lender, he still went above and beyond to try and make it work for the customer's wishes .I only wish I had a time machine and just did it right from the start, would've saved everyone involved a lot of stress and headache!"
"Rene was a delight to work with. He made the whole tedious buying experience fun. The car was absolutely spotless and well maintained. Will recommend."