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"It's great to get behind the wheel of an Acura again. My first one was an 03 TL that was destroyed by Sandy. I loved that car and always knew I would get another. Thanks to the staff at Ralley Acura, like Willy Nelson, I'm on the road again."
Love My Acura!
"Service at First Acura has been consistently five stars for my repairs and maintenance, but for this last repair Bob and Tom went beyond what they normally would do to make my service visit easier and stress - free. They coordinated my windshield replacement and recalibration perfectly so I would have as little downtime as possible. They made sure I had the appropriate factory replacement glass for my MDX and handled all the back and forth phone calls on my behalf. All of which would have been very time consuming and confusing for me. Their knowledge and attention to details made this trip especially carefree. I always appreciate how courteous the entire service department is during my frequent maintenance visits. I use this dealership exclusively and can speak highly on their behalf. Thanks for making car maintenance and repairs a whole lot easier! "