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Lincoln Service Center Reviews

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"I bought my car in for a new battery and 90,000 mile check up;When I returned to get my car, I noticed the service report wasn't available; I later found out that the 90,00mile check up wasn't done;. So I had to leave my car overnight. I was annoyed and frustrated because of the inconveniences. "
Tim Spahr
"The service dept. is VERY SLOW. I made an appointment a week in advance for 1:15 and I'm done a 3:10. Way too SLOW. My time is very limited and I can't be waiting around 2 hours for an Oil Change. Not sure who my service writer was but he was a nice guy. He did good. I bought the car January 8th from Steven Meuljic. Paid Cash. He's a great guy and as long as he works there I would come back for a new car. Otherwise I'd shop."