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"We found the car online 2 hours prior to closing. They got back to us on deal within minutes and stayed late to finish the deal. Much appreciated. Here is where the 3 star comes in. While they told us to make sure and look over the car they didn’t tell us until we drove the 3 hours there that it didn’t have a working radio. While we thought we looked it over well, it was late and dark. Get out on the freeway to realize there is also no heat in the vehicle. Something there is absuolutely no question they knew about. Yes we missed it in the rush to try to not keep them late, but the clearly decided not to disclose there was no heat. Don’t like shady at all. Honestly at this point wouldn’t recommend them. I would give a 1 star but u am assuming half the responsibility for not looking more thoroughly. They also pulled my credit without informing me they would do it and without my signature allowing it. Then asked for my signature after they had already done it and i said i didn’t give permission, it was a cash sale!"
Bill Thurman
"They are very friendly and will work with you as much as posible to get you into a car of your choice that they have on there lot and all the sales people are very friendly. Thank you to Gabe and Bo that helped us and made are experience so pleasant "