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"Had to bring in my car for a check engine light and EPC alert. Harry and the guys, as always, took care of me and my car better than anyone else around. Always recommend Audi Beverly Hills and Harry for any Audi Service needs. "
"I went in for an oil change, and of course I assumed they would start telling me all the work my car needs. The service rep Paul Hoffmann actually did so. But he didn't pressure me into anything, and in fact he advised me on what is necessary for now and what I can hold off on. He was very polite, respectful, and courteous. He was also very personable which made me relax as he offered me advise on how to take care of my car. While waiting for the service to be complete the mechanic ran into a problem. Mr Hoffmann took me to where my car was and he and Mike Dolce showed me exactly what the issue was and assured me they would take care of it. My stay that day ended up being longer then expected, but I wasn't bothered at all because at the end my car was fixed, running smoothly and they treated me like a person instead of a customer. "