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"I live in Monument, 60+ miles from Prestige Imports. Yet they are my choice for purchasing Audi's and for having them serviced. Why do I do this when I could more easily use a local Audi dealer in Colorado Springs as I've done in the past? Put simply, you can't beat Prestige. When you find a great dealer, IMO distance isn't that important. Prestige is trustworthy, offers fair prices, has an excellent staff, and provides great service. BTW, I use their Valet when my cars need service (as an aside, over the years my Audi’s have never needed anything but scheduled services; just another reason I'm such a fan). So what is this Valet Service? At no cost, a valet comes to my home, drops off a loaner and takes my car back to Prestige for service, then returns the next day with my car after it has been serviced (although free, it’s nice to give the valets a tip). You can’t beat that."
"I have had my Audi Q5 exclusively serviced at Wilsonville Audi for the past 5 years. The staff is outstanding and the work is consistently done and completed as promised. Well done!"