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"Thanks St Marie and Audi for a great experience. Was great to see all the cars and feel the passion of the employees there that were showing me the cars. Thanks for allowing me to leave out of there with a beautiful Audi A5 at an affordable price. :)"
"It's always nice , in a mediocre retail world, to be able to proclaim one business, one group of employees as "the best." Ta Da. Audi Devon is "the best." I have felt that way for the past 3 years with my 2016, and now with my 2018, I'm happy to report the sales, service and people at this dealership always exceed my highest expectations. You could easily argue that Audi is such a great car it "sells itself", but that's far from accurate. My salesperson Tom Himsworth's knowledge of cars,models, features and the million details that really make a difference to customers is incredible. Add to that, his intuitive approach to knowing what is best for the buyer and you have the ideal sales experience. If there's something he doesn't know, he will get the answer, no matter what it takes. A true pro. Working with Demery Hanna on the mountains of paperwork and financial details that are always part of any car deal was delightful. Her ability , as a people person, to simply explain what we need to know, made an often tedious and confusing process crystal clear and genuinely enjoyable. Like Tom, she knows her game and makes it easy to understand. Summing up , every one of my visits, whether for sales or service, gives me the feeling that "these people are proud of their product and what they do." They should be. Please keep the great work going. "