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"I scheduled an appointment for an oil change, and was able to arrive about 15 minutes early. They got me in right away. I loved that they offered me a better coupon than the one I had left at home! Who knew my Costco membership would help at the Subaru dealer?? They did the service I asked for, informed me of other needs my car had (air filter and taillight), and did not push me to have these services done (I informed them my husband could and would do). I felt very respected and valued as a customer. He also told me it was too cold to do a carwash today (not advised, but still told me it was my choice) and offered me the opportunity to come back at a convenient time to get the wash! "
"even after 10 years coming to Stohlman Subaru of Sterling, i still feel confident bringing my older subaru for service. Tom and Jay remember me making me feel appreciated. the stohlman staff keep my Subaru running like a new model."