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"I could not coordinate getting back to their shop to pick up my completed vehicle . . . they said "yes we can" when I asked them if they could bring it to me. Great Service! Thank you Schlossmann's! "
"We heading South for a vacation and was driving down I-295 in Jacksonville. I noticed some steam coming out from under the hood. I 'nursed' the car to the nearest Subaru dealer and asked for some help. I anticipated we would be there all day.... They got me in within 20 minutes and had the evaluation to me 15 minutes later. Bad radiator and none in stock or in town. Nearest new radiator was in Miami. The service advisor, Joseph Rodriguez got it ordered for delivery the next day. I asked if I could get a 'loaner' and he gave us a BRAND NEW 2018 Subaru Legacy with only 120 miles on the odometer!!! That made us feel a lot better after the stressful morning. We got the call the next afternoon that our car was ready to be picked up. We were extremely happy with both Joe and this dealership."