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"I was greeted in the service bay and told I would be helped shortly and this guy (sorry I didn’t get his name) sent Abraham over. Abraham was thorough and efficient, noted my special request for overinflating my tires and accepted the free car wash card Christian had given me at my previous service and honored my request for including aninterior cleaning as well as the exterior wash. He approximated my wait time for 1 1/2 hours and that’s exactly how long it took. He went over the paper work and when he showed me the tire pressure at 30 when I had requested 35, he caught the error with me, asked for another minute of my time and drove the car back inside to overinflated the tires per my original request. No apology, no excuses, Abraham simply got the job done per my instructions. I felt satisfied and extremely grateful for a very clean car. Ever employee I encountered was courteous and friendly. I appreciated the opportunity to thank you and especially Abraham."
"This is my 2nd Subaru from this Dealer. While my salesman I used is no longer with this dealer but I like this dealership. I just bought my wife a Cadillac over at the Ron Carter and that place is your Stereotypical bait and switch car dealer salesmen try to hustle you into a much larger payment or try to sell you warranties you dont need. Tell you one thing and then when you ask about the terms they play stupid. So finally after hours of sitting and waiting I get what I want and leave the dealership but I never received my paperwork in the mail like I was told had to go up there twice just to pick it up .. sorry iam way off topic but the clear lake subaru is a great dealer no hassles no push salesmen or bait and switch . And the dealership is state of the art and fast to take care of you.. I highly recommend this dealer if you are looking for a new or certified pre owned dependable Subaru .. thank you"