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"The engine had to be replaced after replacing everything under the hood with brand new parts. While at the dealerships repair shop it was totaled during test drive. Insurance stated my new battery had been remove. My son in laws tire caps ( green Granada ) were removed as well. Wasn't able to see under the hood. I have the receipt for both items. Sure I'll never be paid. The car was locked in a fenced yard. They over charge and your positions could end up missing.We were told it's against the law to remove things. "
"Daniel drove me all the way from Stockton to marysville just to get my co signer signsture so I could take my car home the same day! Everything was easy and I feel like he went out of his way to make sure I could get home that day (didn’t have a car I was basically stuck) I’ll come back here for any future purchases and plan on bringing my niece soon to get her first car "