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"I put my car in for service 12/11/17 for a repair that cost me 866.00. On 12/12/17 I picked up my car and on my way home I was involved in a hit and run accident. I had to return the card on 12/13/17 and was advised that they will stay in touch. On Friday 12/16/17 I find out that my office will close the end of March. On Monday 12/20/17 I call the body shop since I have not heard from them and explain to Ron that I have already spent 866.00 last week and so far the rent a car was already 300.00 plus I will have to pay the 500.00 deductible for this repair to which he replied "It isn't our fault that you wrecked your car". I am very upset. This person has no human training and should not be able to interact with customers. I am a widow who lost her husband at Christmas time and having to make my money stretch so a little compassion would have been nice. "
"I recently took my 2015 Dodge Journey for two separate service visits. The first was an oil change and lube. The service department promptly performed the oil change and had it ready for me upon returning from lunch. The second visit was for re balancing my wheels and tires, which was originally done by a small tire shop. The technician promptly verified the problem, balanced all four tires, and then made sure the drive it to make sure the issue was fixed. The waiting room was nice and clean and I was able to setup my laptop and work will waiting for service. One more thing to add: There scheduling is very tight, so be sure to schedule well in advance, if possible."