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Chevrolet Service Center Reviews

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"These people are nothing but money hungry snakes! They don't care if you pay your bill on time or not...they will always, always find a way to tack on more charges and more fee's. The car that was bought ran fine the day I drove it. The very next day the ac went, the drives side window would not work, the radio stopped working. It's a horrible place to go. I spent alot of money upfront to get this car, it's a piece of crap now. If I bring it back, I am out all of my money. And if I keep it,....well let's just say I'm not happy at all and I do not suggest that anyone go here! I really don't know how you people that work there sleep at night!"
"It was time for an oil/filter change and Andy got it done quickly and I was on my way. I live over an hour away from the dealership and I really appreciate them working me in without a wait."