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"I needed an oil change. This Lithia dealership normally has no appointments shorter than a week out. The service writer I was dealing with knew of a cancellation later in the day and was able to slip me into that slot. In addition, he also was able to make an appointment the following week for my other half's Toyota. I have been critical of this service department before however, this visit was 5 stars."
"I just moved to elk River a year ago and switched to cornerstone for the service of my truck and SUV. My initial oil change was expensive so I began going back to buffalo at Ryan Chrysler Dodge. I called a couple months ago and they said they began buying the 0-40 in bulk and oil changes at cornerstone would now be around 70 bucks, so I started going back only to find out today that they stopped buying bulk on a very common oil and in turn charged 125.00 for the same oil change. Why would you stop buying in bulk? Why would you not inform your customers? I guess I will continue purchasing and servicing in Buffalo. "