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"I originally thought I would buy a new caravan when the time was right. Over a couple months I started looking at the Rams with the big discounts. My deal was complicated by 15K of negative equity I was bringing to the deal. I ended up financing 4K more than my target, I think the dealership could have given me more than 14K for my trade. I decided to go ahead with the deal and we get to the interest rate through Chrysler......$2,500 discount for a rate of 9.37% with my credit score at 750****TERRIBLE. 6 months can't come quick enough to refinance. I like the truck, the rate is a scam! I will do business again however and my negative equity was part of the problem. Jared Clark did a good job of getting it done. "
Orange Ram
"Thank you for such great service From the Service Department to Sales you actually took the time to listen, which is a hard skill to find these days. "