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Hyundai Service Center Reviews

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"I just moved to the area and I scheduled my car for a oil change and tire rotation which I purchased a Contract through Hyundai this was my first time at Bob King service center they treated me like I didn’t belong there. I have purchased 3 brand new cars from Hyundai dealership in the last 6 years from the St. Augustine dealership in florida. They treated me with the most respect every time I brought my cars for service . Well at Bob King I felt that they didn’t care for me as a customer because I did not purchase any automobiles from them . The same oil change and tire rotation I had in florida the service tech would go over my tire pressure and let me know what fluids they had to top off also they offered a free car wash and vacuum service. They would also tell me if my wipers needed to be changed, just a way better experience from the Hyundai dealership in St. Augustine florida the sales person was arguing with me about that he never heard of getting a package for oil changes and tire rotation. Needless to say I was very disappointed with how I was treated"
"Phenomenal customer service courtesy the helpfulness and the professionalism that was shown by Nancy Jesus and Britney were outstanding. Each person made you feel that your car will be taken care of !"