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"Purchased my 2018 Elantra from Giambalvo in June and was very happy with great customer service. First oil change was free. I knew I would have to pay for 2nd oil change and asked them to rotate tires. Was shocked when I was billed for tire rotation & my bill was $53.00. I used a local garage for oil change and service and they never charged for tire rotation. To top it off when I got on my car to leave the system was still saying service was required and had not been reset and my "low tire pressure" light was still on. I am going to be hard pressed to come back here for service. Because I was complaining about the cost I found the staff to be sort of rude and there was no explanation for the system not being reset or tire pressure being checked when I paid for tire service. By the way..the tire pressure was 39psi in 2 tires and the other 2 were 37 and 38psi. Finished!!"
Mark M.
"I came back in to get some additional recall work done. Once again I worked with Robert Storseth, and once again it was pleasure! The job, I thought was expected to take a couple of weeks. As it turned out, the replacement/repairs were finished the next day! My car purrs like a kitten now! Thanks, Robert, and everyone else there for doing such a good job for me. I sure appreciate it!"