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"I was in the market for a newer vehicle do to my daily driver requiring more and more repairs. I was recommended to see John Read at Covert Dodge as he a very welcoming person and not a pushy salesmen. I told him I was looking for a particular vehicle ( VW Golf R). He checked all of Coverts invatory and told me they didn’t have one, but that didn’t stop him. He pulled some strings with his Mgr. Jearmy and 2 days later they found the car of my dreams at the right price. I’m extremely happy with my visit and strongly recommend if you are in need of a new or used vehicle John will be more then helpful. "
Alaskan Momma
"When I first pulled into this dealership, in my van full of kids, I already knew what I was looking for. Due to the amount of kids (6) Ive been blessed with, chaos and survival have become my strong suit. So while everyone else is flinching at my dilemma, I'm calm. SO was Jim Graves!!! I was impressed at the beginning. Never missing a beat with the back and forth humor regarding kids and life, he never made me feel pressured or gave me the "car salesman vulture" feeling. Even when I told him that I was going to visit other dealerships to check out the same kind vehicle. He said, "well, come back and see me after you have looked around". So, after 2 weeks of looking, I was back where I started, at Audi, looking for Jim. Then, I met Jonathan, who knows more about Audi's than I think the maker does! Both Jim and Jonathan made it easy and I got exactly what I wanted, I couldn't be happier! "