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"After checking out the Golf when my mom was buying her Jetta, I decided to trade my Subaru Cross Trek for a Golf SE. Of coarse we called Kelley at Chapman VW. She found the perfect car for me, I love it! Thanks to my mom and dad and a big thanks to Kelley!! Matthew Scully"
"We have owned a 2008 Jetta for 6 years. About a month ago the A/C started acting up. ( which I know is a common problem for these vehicles). We both work full time jobs so I don't really have time to put the car down for that kind of troubleshooting and repair. So I made an appointment with Brandon VW to inspect and repair. We had chosen Brandon VW because they work with a rental car company since we knew we would need to leave the car there for a couple days. My wife arrived at 430pm (her appointment was at 440pm). When she went to check in the service writer (Carlos M) told her it was a little late in the day to do a repair like that. She said she had to work and this was the appointment we had made knowing it was an A/C problem. I arrived at 530pm the car was already inspected and was told by the service writer that the compressor relief valve was leaking so the compressor and misc components needed replacing. I asked what it would cost. 40 mins later (630pm) after having to track him down, he finally showed me a scratch piece of paper with some numbers scribbled on it saying it would be $2100.00. This is what I expected so I said fine (knowing the troubleshooting was wrong) but the repair would fix the system. Then asked about a rental car and was told too late the close at 6pm. So asked is that it? We just walk home since you were avoiding use for 40mins. Was told he would call us an UBER. We just walked out the door and was left to deal with the A/C myself which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place. No customer service at all and doesn't care for you or your time. Highly do not recommend unless you like being lied to."