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"I have confidence in Martin Swanty for my auto service needs. I have always used Martin Swanty for servicing my Jeep since I bought it there."
Peggy Walters
"We purchased a lemon - a 2017 Jeep Compass - and after 10 days of it in the shop and not getting fixed, the manager, Rick Wick, with the assistance of Jeff Barbaree, bent over backwards to make it right in a vehicle exchange. We switched to a Jeep Cherokee and so far are very pleased with it. My husband had a VERY bad experience with Alan Pierce at the beginning of our car problems . He talked down to Mike and was very arrogant and Mike hopes to never see him again. We bought a Dodge Ram truck in 2015 at this dealership and are very happy with the buying experience and the service on it so far, and we realize the bad experience with the Compass is just something that happens sometimes. "