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"The sales dept was very nice and knowing where I stood on budget was great to let me know right away what might be out of my range if I was firm on a payment. They were able to find financing better than my approved rate thru another company and made paperwork etc very easy. Some things were a bit of a bummer such as the day I was leaving the lot I noticed the navigation screen was broke but they agreed to fix that, also one week into owning it the entire trunk system quit working even the manual lift gate. Again they agreed to fix with no problems. Sadly the last thing when they got the 2nd remote from the previous owner is turns out it's broken so I only have one working remote on a push button start vehicle, so if this one breaks or is lost I'm out of luck. I can replace it for over $200 but that's a bummer since I just got the car and by no fault of my own it didn't work. This all being said while I'm a little nervous about the future one month in with my choice I did buy used and it's a risk I chose. The dealership and sales seemed forthright and honest and unless I'm super naive didn't appear to hide the truth about known issues. Some expectation to the owner should be expected to do research. (Such as I asked if there's a spare and was told underneath, read up at home and turns out this model doesn't come standard with a spare at all, not a deal breaker but would've like to known without research.) The salesman K.C. made sure I had his number and was able to text with him any concerns about the repairs and set me up with service and a loaner for work. At this time I would still recommend Elhart. I waited a month to review as I wanted to see how the follow up was and they proved honest. In reality they really owed me nothing to fix some of these issues as it wasn't promised in the initial contracts but they showed integrity and professionalism in making it as right as they could with good follow thru. I will likely use them again in the future when that time comes."
"I appreciate the time (and smiles) that are taken with me when I bring my car in for service...the shuttle service is awesome too!!"