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"It was a wonderful experience. First, I had to take my 3 year old son with me who is very active and they were all very patient and the toys they have there at least helped with keeping him a little entertained. They know the product well, answered any question we had and the willingness to work with you. Absolutely a very pleasant experience and glad to be a Subaru owner! Even walking out the door, still comfortable and no regrets with my purchase. Thank you Subaru Team!"
"I completely recommend this location for your Subaru servicing. The staff is super friendly, professional and Joe did a great job on the needs for my vehicle (His name is not added on this list by the way, needs to be added). I caught with Johnson Emmanuel as well and he updated me on the new vehicles and always checks up on me to see how I am enjoying mine. Great team ya'll got, main reason I have stayed a Subaru customer. Add Jaime Gaitan to the list of reasons, the guy is by far the best finance rep. ever, those are my go to guys every time I am there. Looking forward to my lease renewal or maybe I'll purchase this time around. "