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"I was looking for a very inexpensive used car, on Saturday had a nice ride with Ali, but decided to pass on the Toyota that I drove. Came back on Sunday to find that car had been sold and Ali was off for the day. Brandon stepped in and found a GREAT Subaru that need some attention before it could be driven. He was very attentive, helpful and personable. He promised the car would be ready on Monday and it was! I am thrilled with the experience and the car. Very positive experience for a woman who hates to buy a car."
worth crossing the bridge
"Last night I submitted an email to Stohlman Automotive inquiring about a specific forester, color, interior leather, options etc. Richie Kuenzler called me first this morning while I was en route to another dealership where I had been given the "best price" they could do...and that price was better than four other dealerships located from Frederick to Annapolis. I gave Richie the best price and he called me back 5 minutes later. Stohlman Automotive beat the best price by enough that I turned the car around and "crossed the bridge to Virginia". "