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"Had a great experience at Mike Shaw Subaru, they worked with me on the price and were very flexible and low-pressure. William was a great salesman and very kind and fun to talk to. Overall great experience!"
"When I arrived at Don Mealy Sport Subaru this past Saturday morning, Wes greeted me right away. I was never pushed to drive a vehicle I didn't want to drive--I felt in charge. That experience continued. Wes was a great listener and patient. I never felt pressured to buy a vehicle. I really enjoyed spending the day with him trying out various models. Once I decided I wanted to buy my 2019 Subaru Outback, Wes helped me figure out what options I wanted and which ones I didn't need. In addition, I felt like the price I paid and the price I got for my trade-in were very reasonable. All in all, a great experience. I am so glad I went to Don Mealey Sport Subaru and that I got to work with Wes Alcorn. "